Monday, February 24, 2020

Identities of 2 teenagers deceased in highway accident revealed

Officials have confirmed the identities of the 2 deceased in last night’s deadly vehicle collision on the Castries Gros Islet highway as teenagers Zina Anthony and Zhane Williams.

Anthony, 19, and Williams, 18, were reported to have been front and rear seat passengers in a Nissan Almera, PA515,  which collided with a truck, TK915 near Saaman’s Park.

According to information obtained by the Times, the truck was travelling towards the north of the island while the motor car was heading in the opposite direction.

The driver of the motor car is listed in stable condition at the Intensive Care Unit.

The driver of the truck and the passenger in the vehicle were also injured – the passenger sustaining what appeared to be less serious injuries.

The collision occurred at about 9 pm, it is reported.



  1. When is road safety and policing it going to become a priority? All you politician’s silent? Mr PM can you do something?

    • they doing so much in the two lanes farless when they put four lanes smh i hope they dont continue road works

  2. The driver is in a coma how the hell is he stable. You guys need to get your facts straight.

    • hahaha stable means that the vitals are and all other signs are stable. Blood pressure ect is not fluctuatin. The have stablised his readings. lol lol lol. Lorddd. lol lol

    • Really now. Stable in the intensive care unit. How dumb can you be. Try to comprehend before such comments

      • Stable means responsive. He needs to stay in ICU because of the severity of his injuries. They cant put him in any ward because he needs to be under serveillance.

    • Mr Know It All knows very little. You woudnt now a fact if it walked up a bit your dump as%^#……haha

  3. threre s no excuse for bad and reckless driving, only cure is death or jail amen. I c them every day.

    • We should not need to see police to drive properly. Driving is not just turning a key and pushing pedals; it involves critical thinking as well.

      • St.lucians and critical thinking, these words never fit into the same sentence very well.

  4. They’ll never deploy police to monitor the roads because that’s one of the functions of society.. Crime, accidents, lawyers have to make money, more prayer meetings, more money collected in church. business have to carry on. Don’t let politicians fool us.

  5. Heavenly father in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ, I pray dear Lord that you cover the entire Island of ST.LUCIA, PULL back the SPRIT of darkness, and cover your children with the blood of Jesus from the crown of their heads to the souls of the feel, father the enemy has taken control of the mind set, and lives of your children,,father in the name of Jesus fill every one with your holy spirit so that they will focus on you Lord that they may put you first in their lives, to have a saving RELATIONSHIP with your son Jesus Christ before it’s ETERNALLY TO LATE…I PRAY FOR PEACE OF MIND to the families of those who have lost their souls, l pray for the government ,and people in power to give them wisdom knowedge, understanding to better care for the nationals who by your grace put them in office, I pray in the mighty name of they provide a better living environment, to all to illuminate, crime, death, homelessness, provide jobs,and better health care, this is my prayers in Jesus name Amen.

      • If Jesus covers Saint Lucia with his blood, then I’m pretty sure he’ll run out of blood. He will turn into a zombie.

      • Your statement is foolish and you need to repent.If you think the mark of the beast can save your soul then you are ignorant and need Jesus Christ .Rev 21:8 the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

      • This a very ignorant thing to say. May God forgive ur stupidy. And I recommend you find a bible and educate ur retarded brain.

  6. So of those comments… I just hv to smh. Dispatch police on every cnr, behind every vehicle to monitor drivers.smh . We need to take ownership of our own reckles irresponsible behaviours. No drinking and drivng. No texting or taking calls while driving. Lessen on the speeding. I would rather be late and alive. Im not saying these were the causes of the accident but come on….. lets sto blaming each other and take responsibility for our part. Plz drive carefully ppl. I know all those in the car. Great kids. Rest easy. Lets not make this political or play the blame game. We pedeestrians and drivers need to be vigilant, more observant and responsible

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and friends. This is no doubt the worst time of their lives and as fellow human beings, we need to send them all the love & support we have in our hearts.

  8. St.lucian are reckless drivers they like speeding in corners. We have country roads on the island safe driving at all times…. Am sorry for the familys loss but his is a mojor problem in st.lucia .

  9. So now the prime Minister is responsible for road accidents, we as drivers need to be cautious on the road, we have to be alert not only for ourselves but other drivers and pedestrians, in the end we can only blame ourselves for our recklessness. RIP to the young ladies shut down in the prime of thier lives, I hope the other driver pulls through but he alone will go though the guilt of losing his friends. Prayers to the families affected.

  10. Most of u ppl that comment on this story are heartless u guys need to stop the bickering and have some sympathy jessss !!

  11. Condolence to the family’s of the lost ones ad to the injured bit I’ll will say this now this accident and other accidents on the highway has nothing to do with the prime minister or the road being bad cause I drive up and down the road mostly everyday and nite. I will 1st ask if the said truck is heading north bound and the car south how in heaven did they end up colliding, heading north bound from the time u live the choc roundabout it’s one lane traffic till u get to saman park where have to lane traffic heading all the way up till u get to the big blue water tanks to ur left @ st James club. Heading south bound there only one lane traffic till u get to the choc roundabout. Now in saying all this my point is I have seen drivers or so called driver heading south bound over taking in the middle lane not thinking what could be coming their way in this lane. So again this has nothing to do with the prime minister and as far as I know this road there is not bad it’s just drives and teens bringing reckless and driving without any sense. And the only senseably comment on here is deploying traffic police on the roads @ nights other than that please don’t blame anyone or the condition of the road but the drivers.

  12. say one say two as a driver thats where you see to overtake, you couldnt wait til you in the two lane (literally five seconds away) to pass the person mommy or daddy new witness you drive with their car it seems

    • Yea he was wrong for tht but now he is in the hospital think abt wen he conscious wht he going to think..”I jus kill my girlfriend n her Bestfriend ” tht going to mess him up even more urll lucians heartless smh
      Condolences to friend n family
      Rest easy Zhané n Zina

  13. People have to be responsible for their actions. How many police officer you need on the road to prevent accidents from happening ??? Come on people. Really?????? And pray before [email protected] happens. R.I.P . And to the writer, stop using that damn word motor car. Sounds IGNORANT

  14. I see Lucian’s not even sending condolonces but choose rather to critisise the moment,we shall always remain poor or foot stools

    • As a driver i myself see this every day. Its sad to have young persons dying tragically and leaving families in state of mourning. What i dont understand is that others do not take course and drive safely. Its when something happens everyone cries but when they are speeding and overtaking vehicles recklessly no one thinks of the impact. The damage to this car alone shows the vast amount of speed this car had. upon impact the speed doubles. And if anyone remembers defensive driving they do show you all these clips.

    • Since we are so obsessed with politics that we become seemingly unfeeling to the victims and their families . The pain i feel would not allow for any form of criticism at the moment

      • I for one can tell you my dear that I know how you are feeling at this present time for I have been through it one too many times before (the latest only a few days ago). Please know that you and your family and friends are in my prayers. And please, take a break from this thing called news online because during this time of mourning, these heartless/ cold comments are not what you would want to see. They may very well anger you. Although I may not know you my dear, may you feel the hugs and love flowing your way during this difficult time. We may not understand it now but by and by we will.

  15. There should be traffic offficers 24 hours a day on Gros Is Let highway to police the roads. We are paying our taxes..How can you get to pay Minsters of government over 10 thousands dollars in salarys for doing nothing. The minsters of government should be serving the people for no pay, if they claim to love St Lucia so much and use that money to protect the citizens , by recruiting traffic offices with motor bikes but the current administration is so greedy to accumulate wealth in the bank. My sympathies go out to the families of this terrible tragedy god will give u the strength to carry on

    • Classic “Armchair Politician” … knows nothing about how the wheels turn, or even in which direction ….

  16. Reckless vibe you coulda xruisevatva reasonable speed with the girls now u kill the people children mun have to watch how they driving on the road eh good to drive fast inna Lucia

  17. My condolences. Persons kindly reserve your negative comments and be empathetic and sympathetic to the affected families. Please communicate your recommendations to the relevant authorities. Thank you.

  18. Very sad for all involved but without enforcement what is the need for laws. Mayhem will be the natural result. A sensible speed limit with ENFORCEMENT, driver education and better engineering of our roads are solutions. The situation from choc roundabout to the merge past St.James club is one of many good examples of poor engineering.

      • You saying engineering does not apply to straight roads! Who do you think designs them…..IDIOT!

      • Not his fault…he needs to look up what engineering is??…lots of the millenium highway is straight and badly engineered

  19. Put speed bumps on the high ways
    Long time we need speed bumps on all high ways and corners thats very simple and common sense
    Too much heart aches about our young children loosing their lives . young people go down on your kness and pray please .
    Take time to drive please
    Drivers take precautions at all times when u behind that steer wheel u protecting you , the other driver and pedestrians always .
    May God the father ,the son and the holy spirit be with us in Jesus name Amen ,Amen and Amen

  20. The driver who were driving the car didn’t think of his own families he didn’t think of the passengers families. All he was thinking was to drive reckless he has proven his point. On the other hand the passengers who were in the car with him couldn’t or didn’t tell him or let him know that you’re driving too fast .maybe they were enjoying the ride. Who cares .now every one is looking for sympathy.. Things must get cold when it run hot .don’t blame the road it’s not going any where. We’re the ones who’s going to the cemetery via the road. Some of us want to showoff for people to recognize how ignorant we are. Oh don’t forget the riders. Popup delidaly over take any where.. You think is the lookers or the spectators that is stupid or gaining all the funeral Pallars they’re the ones who’s getting Rich they even have adds saying hurry hurry stocks are limited.

  21. Too many reckless drivers … too many!!
    It is time for more safety practices and advice to be made to those who feel they are invincible, via all media outlets – that would help, not much, but at least something can be done.

    Once a person has passed the test, and has achieved a licence to operate a vehicle, it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to be considerate and courteous on the road (not the police, not a politician, not the government!), and to observe all road signs, etc.

    Media blasts on driving with care and attention could be done by the ministries, with the Police Force, and interested private corporations … sorry to put the burden on them, but it is a start!

    Point Number One … ALL VEHICLES ARE CONSIDERED LETHAL WEAPONS!! When used carelessly, or with intent – grievous harm can be dealt. In short : just like the person holding a gun with intent, so too can a person operating a vehicle!

    Unfortunately, when on the road, one has to drive for themselves and for the other fools operating vehicles – that is hard work. I make no apologies for my frankness.

  22. Sincerest condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased and the injured. Motorists should always drive responsibly to avoid any accidents which could result in the loss of life or limbs. The relevant authorities MUST enforce the traffic laws by maintaining some sort of presence on the road. This might not prevent all vehicular accidents but would mitigate the frequency of fatalities on the roadways. The government’s duty is to provide the Police with the necessary resources and man power to do their job effectively and efficiently. There should be more traffic signs on the sides of the road warning and reminding drivers about speed limit, dangerous curves ahead, etcetera. The government, police, motorists and pedestrians must work in concert to make the roadways much safer.

  23. The road has no problem is the people that’s is driving that’s the problem if they take they time they will reach they distination safe I drive on the road every day I take my time .stop blaming the government and police .Rip my condolences to the families

    • If you understood road design and how that influences driver perception and speed you would understand that the roads are part of the problem.

    • @angellajohn There is always room for improvement in almost everything. Collectively we can make things better. Even though most vehicular accidents are due to driving without care and attention, more frequent police patrols would help. Better roads, signage and guard rails might help also. Governments can’t prevent accidents but can sure take certain measures to reduce the carnage on the road. Governments should share blame if they fail to implement proactive measures to reduce collisions on the road. Why people like you are so defensive when others make innocuous statements about the government?

  24. The Ministry will have to install a median barrier on that Choc Hill/Choc Roundabout road to prevent head-on collisions. We have had many fatal accidents on or near the Choc Hill because drivers “take a chance” and overtake where there are solid single and double white line road markings.
    My condolences to the families and friends of the deceased young ladies.

  25. I just can’t believe that in such tragedy Jack***** will be here and mix politics in this. like come on…. Lucians just so childish and close minded chpzzzzz

  26. Very sad. Drivers need to be careful and not speed , drink while driving or drink heavily when they know they have to drive. What they don’t know is that they don’t just drive for themselves but others too. Speeding is not cool. Tell the driver to slow down or put you down. RIP to the young souls. To the parents, family and friends God will see you through. To the bringing politics into that, get the hell off the page . Idiots (Word deleted)

  27. The world has changed. No matter what some people do there is 25 or 30% of the population that will attack them. Particularly in politics.
    The bottom line is that it is about pay and power.
    So the UWP can do no right so that an obvious situation where poor personal judgement and reckless driving killed 2 beautiful young people is ‘de government’s’ fault. How absurd!

    The same people who find it necessary to mention the PM’s name are the same ones whose lives are reckless and filled with poor judgement that has our society in such a mes
    The lack of discipline and vulgarity in the society is the same base conduct of certain political hacks condoned by their elites leaders who lament their loss of power.
    They have no interest in St Lucia or our people.
    Respect the poor young people and their families and stop dirtying their memory with you lack of decency. I can just inagine the mess in your mind and home.

  28. Sympathy to the families affected. Jesus your blood covering on each family represented on this highways and roads. Safe traveling mercies on the road my people. God bless

  29. Pray that the family of the deceased and driver are ok. St.lucians there is reckless driving all over the world. I never hear people blaming politicians for a reckless Driver in other parts of the world. Smh. This was a case of pure carelessness . Sorry it had to end that way for him and the young ladies.

  30. I’m from Canada, but I visit St. Lucia very often. I don’t think that I can remember a single time that I was on island and didn’t witness insane driving behavior. Passing on curves, speeding, weaving in & out, racing on wet roads. It’s no wonder that there is this much disasters on the roads. Fast cars on crappy roads don’t mix well!

  31. Only fools criticise this otherwise helpful medium.. Please focus on the and put forward A SOLUTION.
    SMH and any others… politicS and politicIan can get the necessary power to enforce social change and regulation change by legislation, Look at other countries for examples. If a government want to impose a TV licence system and enforce it they can! Once government want revenue or enough people back something it can happen.

  32. P.s there is no blame culture here coming from me. That would be pointless.. its about who has the power to legislate change and enforce it.

    Common you guys don’t be miserable rick Waynes always complaining – make something good come from every bad.

    All I know is every week someone dies on our roads and nothing has ever done about it. People just dieing in vain.

    Next week it could be one of your immediate family… then see how you come up with ideas for change or control. Chew on that

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