Immigration Department Announces Operational Changes

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The Immigration Department has announced operational changes one day after Saint Lucians converged on its office in Castries in a rush to obtain travel documents.

The Department said the changes would facilitate processing previously submitted applications before the e-passport system launch.

Earlier this week, Saint Lucia launched its new e-passport costing $250 for the five-year document.

A notice on the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) Facebook page on Wednesday said the Immigration Department would process only fifty new passport applications on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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According to the notice, the Department would not accept new applications on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“All other services offered at the Department, including extensions, visas, and citizenship applications will continue without interruption,” the RSLPF statement explained.

It also said that people with emergencies would be interviewed at the Department for assistance.

On Tuesday, Home Affairs Minister Virginia Albert-Poyotte told reporters that there’s no timeline for phasing out the old travel documents.

‘All we know is within five years we would have rolled out all persons who should have new e-passports,” the Babonneau MP disclosed

In this regard, the Minister explained that the authorities expect people to renew their passports when their travel documents expire.

However, she disclosed that some countries may stipulate that they would not accept the old passport.

“So if they put pressure on us then our people will be forced to renew their passports even before they expire,” the Minister noted.

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  1. The next upgrade to the passport will be the microchip placed in your right hand or your forehead. They said lie will be used by the government: “We need to enhance the security of the passports and protect our borders”

  2. Sent a possible solution this morning. Use the digigov site to allow persons to make an appointment . This would prevent us from wasting time to join a line or standing wasting time like idiots.

    • Seems our leaders are not the best thinkers around! After all, you would think they would have thought about that and rolled out that option in the interest of people’s time and quality service!

  3. So is only now yol see the need for operational changes….even the dead saw this chaos coming at 100mph. That minister self is a rell dek dek wi!

  4. The immigration office needs to be relocated in order to serve the public in a more efficient way. Don’t even talk about access to person’s with disabilities.

  5. Dr. Hilaire said in Parliament yesterday that Rayneau has started the Marigot Road, this is an absolute LIE. I want anyone to travel that road and see the craters.
    Even Coreen, who is Dr. Hilaire’s main supporter at Marigot said Hilaire has not done anything at Marigot for the 1st year in office.

    • Starting a project does NOT mean you have to mashup anything….there are 101 things one could do from a computer as part of project activities. I am not saying that Hilaire didnt lie eh!


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