IMPACS: Calixte George Sr Says Kenny Anthony Bowed To US Pressure, But Not To Be Blamed For Current Situation

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Former National Security Minister, Calixte George Sr. believes then Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony bowed to pressure from the United States in the IMPACS matter.

But he has made it clear that he is not blaming Anthony for the current situation regarding the affair.

“The prime minister had to be strong enough to say ‘Look, we have had our people do whatever they had to do according to our laws and that was the end of the matter,” the former minister asserted.

He made the comments last week during Talk on DBS Television with Rick Wayne.

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“The moment that you try and do something else, that is why we have all the problems,” he said.

“We have to go according to what our laws are and forget about the Americans,” George said.

However, the former National Security Minister said that he was not blaming Anthony for the current IMPACS matter that is back in the public domain.

According to George, Anthony’s intervention came after Operation Restore Confidence (ORC) under the United Workers Party (UWP) administration.

“What Dr. Anthony was trying to do was bring back the name of Saint Lucia as far as the alleged extra-judicial killings were concerned,” he stated.

George declared that after the inquests, it was up to the DPP to resolve the matter.

But he said the DPP at the time and the current one did ‘nothing significant’.

“So the Leahy law would have continued ad infinitum and that is what has happened,” George told St Lucia Times.

“The resolution of this matter rests with the DPPs and until such times as this is done we will always have this recurring decimal on our hands,” he stated.

George noted that the current DPP was appointed under the UWP.

“So it is incumbent on them to solve the problem – get it cleared up so their name can be clear,” he stated.

George recalled that ORC occurred under a UWP administration.

A dozen police slayings took place  during the operation between 2010 and 2011.

And the fatal shootings led to accusations of extra-judicial killings.

In 2012 local inquests concluded that six of the shootings were justified.

But the US indicated it did not have confidence in the outcomes of the hearings.

And Washington suspended assistance to Saint Lucia police in 2013.

The following year, the Caribbean Community Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) carried out a probe.

Thereafter,  Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony read excerpts of the report of the IMPACS probe on national television in 2015.

The excerpts Anthony read indicated that the police killings were fake encounters and  that a ‘hit list’ existed.

But  Calixte George Sr  would not be drawn on whether Dr. Anthony had exacerbated the situation by publicising excerpts of the IMPACS report.

“I don’t know whether it helped or it didn’t help. But the point is that the DPP had to take action whether what he said or he didn’t say,” the former minister stated.


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