IMPACS: Hermangild Francis Blames Dr. Kenny Anthony

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National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has blamed former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony for the IMPACS report situation.

“He is the one that must be held responsible,” Francis told reporters on Tuesday.

“And Saint Lucians must light the fire and come and have him to explain himself,” the Minister declared.

The former police officer accused Anthony of having sullied the name of Saint Lucia and the police.

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Francis said he knows for a fact that Anthony discussed the IMPACS report at a cabinet meeting.

However, the minister said every minister present advised the then prime minister not to read the IMPACS report on television.

“But in true fashion, Dr. Anthony went ahead and did that,” he stated.

“Dr. Anthony took the report and read it and accused the police of all sorts of atrocities,” Francis recalled.

Francis said the current Allen Chastanet administration has tried its very best, including ensuring that a new DPP was appointed.

He said Daarsrean Greene, is doing a good job and working hard to deal with the IMPACS matter.

But Francis said it’s difficult.

However, he asserted that the next elections will determine  the outcome of IMPACS.

Francis also retraced the history of  the IMPACS saga.

He noted that between 2010 and 2011, at least twelve men died in a police operation dubbed – Operation Restore Confidence.

Francis said it was close to the 2011 elections and Dr. Kenny Anthony showed the public a police ‘hit list’

The minister said after Anthony’s labour party won the elections, he advertised the ‘hit list’ in parliament.

“After two years into the SLP reign the Leahy Law came in, so the Leahy law was not imposed during the time of the UWP,” Francis declared.

In this regard, Francis showed reporters a plaque the Americans gave to the Saint Lucia government in 2013.

The plaque expressed appreciation for Saint Lucia’s hosting of  the Tradewinds exercise.

“Why would the Americans take part in Tradewinds in Saint Lucia when the killings were between 2010 and 2011?”

Francis told reporters that before the 2011 elections, Anthony and other labour party officials visited the US Embassy in Barbados.

He said they gave the Americans damning information about a member of the United Workers Party (UWP) at the time.

As a result, Francis said the Americans revoked the individual’s visa.

He said whether that played a part in the UWP losing the elections is a matter for conjecture.

But Francis said Anthony and others assured the Americans that they would have dealt with the IMPACS report.

But he said they did not.

As a result, Francis indicated that Anthony and the SLP delegation had in effect, fooled the Americans.

He also denied having said on the campaign trail that the UWP would fix the IMPACS matter within six months.

“That statement was never said,” Francis asserted.

But he recalled saying that whichever party won the elections would have a difficult time in dealing with the IMPACS report.

“Having become the minister, I realise the precipice we are encountering,” he stated.

Headline photo: (L to R) Dr. Kenny Anthony & Hermangild Francis

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