IMPACS: RISE Chairperson Says Lack Of Resolution Unfair To Cops

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The Chairperson of RISE St. Lucia Inc believes the lack of closure to the IMPACS saga is unfair to the police.

IMPACS is the acronym for the Caribbean Community’s Implementation Agency for Crime and Security.

The agency probed allegations that police here committed extra-judicial killings from 2010 to 2011.

But although Jamaican investigators presented a report in March 2015, the issue remains unresolved.

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Then Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony read excerpts from the document on national television in 2015.

The report asserted among other things, that police staged  ‘fake encounters’ to legitimise their actions.

RISE St Lucia Chairperson, Dr. Venus Cherry believes the delay by authorities in resolving the matter is unfair to cops.

And he recalled that many officers here faced travel bans from the United States and other countries.

He told reporters here on Monday that the matter has dragged on for years.

The RISE official recalled that Jamaica police conducted the IMPACS probe.

However he explained that Jamaica was probably not the best country to approach on police matters and human rights.

As a result, he said he would have been more comfortable with a panel of investigators from various countries.

”That way we  would feel there was more transparency and diversity,” Cherry explained.

He lamented that those the people seem to employ never feel they are accountable to citizens.

“They’re working for us and not the other way around,” Cherry observed.

The Saint Lucia government has indicated that the IMPACS matter is in the hands of the DPP.

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