Imran Khan Ousted As Pakistan’s PM After Key Vote

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been ousted from power after losing a no-confidence vote in his leadership.

The vote was held past midnight after opposition parties brought a motion against him, which was upheld by the Supreme Court.

Mr Khan had said he would not recognise an opposition government, claiming – without evidence – that there was a US-led conspiracy to remove him.

The assembly will now appoint a new prime minister.

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Pakistan’s parliament will meet to vote for the country’s new leader on Monday.

That person will be able to hold power until October 2023, when the next election is due to be held.

Ayaz Sadiq, who is in charge of the national assembly while there are no ruling party members or designated speakers, said nomination papers for candidates should be filed by 11:00 local time (06:00 GMT) on Sunday.

Mr Khan becomes the first Pakistani prime minister to be ousted by a no-confidence vote.

The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Mr Khan, 69, had acted unconstitutionally when he blocked the no-confidence vote and dissolved parliament.

This made several opposition members furious, with some accusing the prime minister of treason.

Minutes before the vote started, the speaker of Pakistan’s lower house of parliament – an ally of Mr Khan – announced his resignation. Members of Mr Khan’s party (PTI) left the building, insisting he was the victim of an international conspiracy.

Opposition parties were able to secure 174 votes in the 342-member house in support of the no-confidence motion, the house speaker said, making it a majority vote.

In a tweet, opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif said Pakistan and its parliament were “finally freed from a serious crisis”.

Mr Sharif added: “Congratulations to the Pakistani nation on a new dawn.”

Meanwhile, PTI senator Faisal Javed Khan said the 69-year-old walked out of his prime ministerial residence “gracefully and he didn’t bow down”.

The senator went on to say that Mr Khan had “lifted the entire nation”.

The former captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team was elected prime minister in 2018, and promised to fight corruption and fix the economy.

But those pledges have gone unmet with the country gripped by a financial crisis.

Source: BBC News

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  1. Imran Khan was not the first prime minister to be outs by a no confidence vote.
    No prime minister in Pakistan have ever completed a full term in office.
    what a corrupts state

  2. The God That I know is a God of peace, not a God of war. His only begotten Son went about healing the blind, the deaf, the lame, the sick, the leper and raised the dead back to life. Nations that do such evil will in the end pay a heavy price. The ones who sign on to any of such suffering and destruction, will never see God but have a destination with their evil master.

  3. That Russian dummy in the comments section needs to shut up and mind their business. What is happening in Pakistan is none of our concern, neither is what is happening in Russia. I swear only black people can care so much about other countries that don’t even like us.

    • Russia/Ukraine/Kazakhstan produces 40% of the world’s wheat. Wheat makes flour. Flour makes a lot of things. If you think it is not our business you clearly are a moron.

      • That’s your argument? You care about the flour? Ok great maybe you should go to Europe and fight for your flour since it’s so devastating to you and your family. That ridiculous argument aside what does that even have to do with Pakistan? Never mind people getting murderer and robbed in St. Lucia like it’s nothing that’s minor compared to the flour and wheat produced in Eastern Europe right?

  4. Interesting. Khan opts to stay neutral in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. He magically suffers a no confidence vote. We know who is behind this. Expect civil unrest in Pakistan. Those vile creatures will destroy every nation to destroy Russia. A staunchly Christian society that continues to destroy their alphabet agenda.

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