Independent Candidate For Micoud North Launched

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Attorney at Law Michael St Catherine was officially launched on Sunday as an independent candidate for Micoud North.

During his official launch, St Catherine pledged to defy the odds and stand for what he believes.

He thanked the people of Micoud North for being patient, supportive and respectful to his efforts.

“I expected more resistance, but instead you have waited patiently for today,” St Catherine declared.

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He said that Micoud needs a skilled, experienced and capable person who can reach across the political divide.

St Catherine disclosed that he had sought to be a candidate for the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

But he said he failed.

“So they say that I am angry,” he asserted.

However, St Catherine said there’s no reason to be angry because he had accepted the possibility of not being chosen.

Nevertheless, the Independent Candidate said he was more interested in finding a way to make a meaningful contribution to the development of the Micoud North Constituency.

“I must do it and I must find a way to do it,” he explained.

“The opportunity is, present yourself as a candidate. I did so. But otherwise, there are other ways,” St Catherine told his audience.

“I am one who believes if you have started something, you must finish it,” he stated.

As a result, St Catherine declared that having started the process, he has to finish the race.

He said he has been patient but is consistently being told that Micoud has become the second poorest community in Saint Lucia.

In addition, St Catherine said there has been a reduction in opportunities for the people.

“No work in Micoud, the banana is down,” he lamented

St Catherine also spoke of the neglect of the people and a rise in crime and violence.

Therefore he said he asked himself why he should wait for the nod from a political party to make a contribution when he has the qualifications, maturity and experience.

“Why should the labour party or the UWP decide if I make a contribution?” He asked.

“We now want to have a say in what is happening in parliament,” he declared.

“Our parliament today is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No'”,  he stated, adding that there’s no middle ground or room for analysis.


Headline photo: Michael St Catherine

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