Indian Arrival Day Programme Held In Saint Lucia

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The Indian Cultural Foundation, St Lucia (ICF) hosted an event, “Palmyra 2022”, the Indian Arrival Day program on the 7th of May 2022, at 4 pm at the National Cultural Centre, Castries, Saint Lucia.

The programme celebrated the arrival of the ship Palmyra in Castries, Saint Lucia, on the 6th of May 1859, about 163 years ago, carrying a group of Indian indentured workers to work on Saint Lucia sugarcane estates and plantations.

The event started with the National anthems of Saint Lucia and India and prayers by Dr. Swamy, followed by a welcome introduction by Doodnauth Shivnauth (MC).

Ms. Solange Charles – Belizaire, Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information, presented greetings and remarks.

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There were several Guest Speakers and a historian who attended the programme as follows:

1. Indian arrival and legacy in the Caribbean, by Mr. Lokesh Singh (Guyana
Honorary Consul to Saint Lucia)
2. Indian arrival to Saint Lucia – A historical perspective – Dr. Jolien Harmsen (Author, Historian, Journalist)
3. Significance and impact of Indians in Saint Lucia – Dr. Leonard Surage
(President, Indian Cultural Foundation)

Mr. Lokesh Singh offered commendation to Dr. Fleming Salapuddi on
achieving 50 years of outstanding services and contributions to Saint Lucia.

Cultural Performance blended with the program in between:

1. Semi classical dance with strong hues of Kathak imprint with Bollywood
technique by Rashmi Subhash,
2. English fusion song with classical Bharatanatyam steps- different rupam of Lord Shiva by Sneha Senthial
3. A beautiful folk song by Keila Bynoe-Cenac (singer/songwriter/artist)

The commemorative function was attended by many people of Indian ancestry, Saint Lucians from various walks of life, and many women and men wearing Indian attire.

They enjoyed the tasty Indian and local cuisine, drinks and refreshments outside of the cultural hall.

Dr. Swamy gave closing remarks and a Vote of thanks.

Source: Indian Cultural Foundation

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  1. Indians made such a huge contribution to this country yet no recognition from successive governments. All other races , even the white minority were featured on the flag but the Indians we left out

  2. Indians support Indians, in St Lucia negroes fighting negroes for the sake of whites. Poor Jab

  3. Don’t worry India is coming back to the Caribbean. It is going to happen. The karmic wheels are already set in motion. You are not Indian. India is in you! We need to get back to the dances, the saris, and more! Anyone of Indian parents or grandparents know that your lineage never allow you to forget that they India is in you! and that’s where they came from.

  4. SLU also has to thank the Indian peoples for bringing in the Madras fabric, from the Madras area in India. That’s where it came from!!

  5. This is wonderful; this fact never occurred to me before; to me people are people; I grew up in a St. Lucia when people respected each other; if one decided to make a fool of himself, there was always the Law to deal with that. What I know of the Indian people in St. Lucia is, they worked hard at whatever they had, be it Farming or in Business. Today we hear of people crying out for ‘Reparation’ because their ancestors were slaves, well good luck with that and they have that right, and its time to pay up. I’m waiting to see.

  6. Clearly this must have been the best we’ll kept secret in st Lucia because I am of Indian decent and I’m only hearing about this important event afterwards. I really hope you guys do better next time with your PR

    • Yup. So many of us are infused with Indian DNA yet this fact of our existence is not clearly represented.

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