Saturday, February 22, 2020

Indian Nun ‘Denied Justice’ By Vatican


BBC News:- An Indian Catholic nun expelled after she spoke out against a bishop accused of rape says she has been “denied justice” by the Vatican.

Sister Lucy Kalappura said she was disappointed by a Vatican decision to reject her appeal against her dismissal from the Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC) in Kerala state.

She said she would not leave the convent and now plans to go to court.

Sister Lucy took part in protests against Bishop Franco Mulakkal in 2018.

The FCC has said Sister Lucy was expelled on the grounds that her “lifestyle was in violation of the proper law” of the congregation.

Sister Lucy, however, has said she was actually dismissed because she took a prominent role in the protests against the bishop.He was later arrested over allegations he repeatedly raped a nun between 2014 and 2016. The bishop denies all the charges against him.

She told the BBC’s Yogita Limaye that she was “not at all satisfied” with the Vatican’s response. She alleges church officials did not even contact her to get her side of the story.
“I am not going to leave the convent. The lifestyle I lead is as per the rules and regulations,” she added.

Although the letter she received from the Vatican says she could “present a new recourse” if she felt that the ruling was “against her lawful rights”, she said she had no plans to appeal.

“I am allowed a second appeal but I don’t see any point in doing that since they have made up their mind. I will now go to court on behalf of all the people who are being suppressed and facing illegal behaviour from authorities of the congregation,” she told the BBC.

Other nuns who protested against the bishop have accused the church in Kerala as well as Vatican officials of turning a blind eye towards the rape allegations.

They say they sent a letter to the Vatican’s ambassador to India and even wrote to the Vatican but did not receive a response from either.

There have also been a number of punitive measures taken against the nuns who protested, including disciplinary warnings and transfer notices.

While testifying in a local court, one of them told the judge that the church was attempting to “sabotage” evidence in order to protect the bishop.


  1. Its time the court get in volve in these matters. These violation have been going on for decades. What the head of the church does in some instances, is to transfer the priest to another diocese and the violation continues. There’s an instance where a nun got pregnant some years ago, and the person responsible is not yet disclose. Heaven knows who the culprite is! Stand for your right sister and the right of your fellow women. May the God of Justice be with you!

  2. Keep at it you have all the rights,get straight to the Vatican go to the pope and get angry.The church has to finish with all these wrong doings of their priests

  3. Fisherman you’re wrong; this has been a historical problem with the catholic church. You are speaking to a brick wall
    in dealing with the Vatican. Your only recourse is Civil Law Court – Sue the bastard, and demand $millions. Yhey’re
    not going to change, over the years they’ve paid millions, why? because they’ve got it. People die and leave their property
    to them, thinking it’s a ticket to heaven. These guys carry on with their filth every where, even with boys. I have known
    of many good Priests and some who have taught our group many forms of Prayer and are extraordinary in forms of
    worship. I have questioned, why are some this way and some others are not. I pray and leave that to the Lord above.
    But if you take a vow, and later feel you can’t keep up with it, then quit and stop harming the vulnerable ones.

  4. …….. and you all still running there everyday and swearing by it’s doctrine and kissing up to these battymen in robes like they are Gods. Gather thy flock ! Like Really? Mi !!!

  5. No one should judge – I abhor this filthy behavior like all decent person should, but understand
    on this planet Earth, we are not dealing with Angels, we all from birth carry with us the Adamic
    nature i.e. sin. even in times past, some angels did sin, and they were cast where? on this Earth.
    JOB 2: 2 “the Lord said to Satan ‘from where do you come?’ Satan answered the Lord and said
    “from going to and fro on the earth and from walking back and forth on it.”….what does that tell
    you my dear Lucian brothers? evil, if you don’t resist it, it’s very presence will control your mind.
    But be cheerful, it’s not the end, our Lord Jesus Christ by shedding His Blood and dying on a cross
    He promised that if by Faith, you believe in Him, by the Grace of the Father, you ask and calling on
    His Name you shall be saved: I too like all men have sinned: “All have sinned and come short of the
    Glory of God, but thank be to the Lord Jesus Christ…..” BUT WE SHALL ALL BE JUDGED, so be careful.
    When we all shall face the great white throne judgement, and be judged according to the good or
    the evil we’ve done duing our life on this earth: we may be shocked at the judgement to some greats.

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