Thursday, September 29, 2022

Instagram Flags Buju Over False News

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Jamaica Observer:–  Nekiba Morgan, director of information and communications technology and business development at the Corporate Area-based Ali-San Technologies (formerly PC Diagnostics & Solutions), says entertainers should be mindful of the messages they disseminate on social media.

This comes after American social media platform Instagram flagged one of Buju Banton’s posts for misinformation.

“Buju jus’ ah talk weh him a talk. It’s how [what he says] is going to affect his followers. Buju is very influential and you have to remember that a lot of people eat, sleep and breathe whatever these entertainers say, so they have to be responsible. For argument’s sake, if Buju says everybody should turn Rasta tomorrow morning hundreds of people would listen to him. He has to be careful of what he’s spreading. Exercise freedom of speech wisely,” Morgan told the Jamaica Observer.

On Tuesday, the Grammy-Award winning entertainer posted an image on his Instagram page to his 1.3 million followers, alleging that the new variants of the novel coronavirus are man-made and have specified release dates.

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This was, however, flagged as false news by Instagram.

Morgan added that, while he’s unsure of all the guidelines Instagram users must adhere to, inciting violence is one of Instagram’s most intolerable acts.

“You cannot incite violence in any way. Again, this is a lesson for all of us to be responsible in the things we do and say and post online,” he said.

According to Instagram’s website, users must only post content which they hold the rights to, avoid posting nude images, avoid posting illegal content such as those supporting terrorism, organised crimes or hate groups, avoid posting hate speech, bullying and abuse, and deter from posting content which depicts self-injury or graphic violence.

Morgan said that Instagram may either flag a post or a user’s page for three days to six months, after a thorough review is done about the severity of a post.

This is not the first time Buju Banton has used Instagram to share his views. In October 2020, he encouraged his followers not to wear masks.

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