International Childhood Cancer Day

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Press Release:- February 15 is observed Globally as Childhood Cancer Day. 

The 2021 International Childhood Cancer Day theme is Better Survival is Achievable #throughourhands.

Faces of Cancer St. Lucia would like to recognize and raise awareness about Childhood Cancer around the world and particularly in St. Lucia.

According to president Dorothy Phillip, “Faces of cancer St. Lucia express support for our children including the youth under the age of 20, we commend them for their bravery, their courage, and their resiliency; we also recognize the mark their lives have on our community. We are appealing to you to join in with Faces of Cancer St. Lucia and let us help you as you go through your journey.”

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 We hold dear the caregivers and family members of children with cancers, as we know they too are impacted by the disease. We look forward to the day when our childhood cancers can remain right here in St. Lucia for their entire treatment, where they can be surrounded by the love and support of their own family.

Currently in low and middle income countries the survival rate of childhood cancer survivors is 20 percent compared to 80 percent in high-income countries. Unfortunately for us in St. Lucia childhood cancers inflict immense family strain. This can and must be changed.

 The WHO global initiative for childhood cancer aims to improve outcomes for children with cancer around the world. The goal is to give all children with cancer the best chance to survive, to live full and abundant lives, and to live and die without suffering.

According to the United Nations, RIGHTS OF A CHILD it states that children have the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health.

 We at Faces of Cancer St. Lucia, look forward to a time when we can proudly say St. Lucia supports and adhere to the UNITED NATIONS RIGHTS OF A CHILD in its entirety, our children are tomorrows future and leaders. Their health is our wealth.

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