Intimate Setting For Jazz On The Pearl

Press Release:– The one-of-a-kind collaboration between the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival and New York’s premier jazz organization, Jazz at Lincoln Center, brought a new addition to Saint Lucia’s Annual Jazz Festival.

Jazz on the Pearl featured performances by world-renowned artistes such as Russel Hall, Rob Zii and Finesse, who serenaded patrons in an intimate setting.

Mineva Ross, Public Relations Officer at Events Company Saint Lucia, spoke on the rationale behind this year’s venues selection.

“The idea behind Saint Lucia Jazz this year is that we have been focusing more on the genre, jazz, which in itself is a very intimate. It calls for very intimate, smaller venues because it’s a niche market. So it was critical for us to find venues that would cater to smaller groupings and audiences, in a more cost effective manner.”

Ross also expressed satisfaction with the numbers.

The well-known Saint Lucian duo, Rob Zii and Phyness have been performing at Saint Lucia Jazz since 2017. The artistes expressed their gratitude to the organizers for giving them the opportunity to be a part of the festival.

“When we do events like this, we have a special playlist. If there are songs that we’ve known for some time, we try to do them in a different way to showcase our vocal ranges or our instruments. I think it’s important to put on a show. We’re here to perform and to entertain people, and that’s what we do best and what we enjoy.”

Jazz on the Pearl took place on Wednesday, May 9.