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Updated on July 5, 2020 11:46 am
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Invest Saint Lucia Addresses Anse de Sable Concerns

Press Release:–  — Over the past two weeks there has been some land movement and clearing on lands belonging to Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) near the south-eastern side of the Hewanorra International Airport.

This is part of the investigative process that will lead to a design of a proposed alternative access to the town of Vieux Fort. The investigative works were completed during the week ending May 30, 2020.

This was part of the development of detailed plans for the proposed Anse de Sable Development that ISL announced in January 2019.

The project will be Anse de Sable’s transformation into a multi investment opportunity in the area for both local and foreign interest.

It will be focused on diversifying Vieux Fort and attracting visitors promising all the same goods and services found in the north of the island with comfort and ease.

This would essentially elevate the standard of living in the south and provide variety in job creation and entertainment for surrounding residents.

This concept is supported by the Government of Saint Lucia as it will decentralize economic activity from the north of the island to other areas such as Vieux Fort.

The planning process for the Anse de Sable Development has been presented to the general public at various stages over the past two years.

Last January, ISL introduced OBM International (OBMI) as the architectural firm commissioned to craft a master plan for a mixed-use development of Anse de Sable—a nearly two-decade old aspiration for the agency. OBMI has a record of expertise in sustainable tourism and development.

OBMI’s work was completed in October 2019 after thorough investigation and frequent engagement with the Vieux Fort community.

The finished master plan reflects the desires of the residents, considering Anse de Sable’s historical and cultural significance and that it is a prime location for socializing and recreational activities.

The plan also heeds the development’s scope for local participation in investment opportunities.

The Anse de Sable Project is still in the planning stage and the recent exploratory work is part of the preparative process for financial and technical feasibility studies. As the planning period continues, ISL will include the community as we have done previously.


    • Get up from under your rock. The MP was engage. The useless VF4Cs were present at all engagement. The useless SLNT was also present. Musa was present. Yes and there were some useful people present. Stop hibernating.

  1. This is a step forward to making Vieux Fort a thriving town and local jobs. Let’s hope we can all agree for once.

  2. What’s there to say. It’s still in the planning stages and conceptual at most. Will be able to better understand vision and what’s in there for the locals when the plan is made public. For now, it’s just one of those promises…hopefully we can see this come to fruition with locals benefiting the most. This is one of the best recreational areas for the people in the south. I hope whatever the final plans are for this area…the locals should be the ones who should get the most from this project and not outsiders

    • Couldn’t be said any better, I read this article and it’s particularly unsubstantial. Lol I just wasted my time to see an incompetent promise.

  3. Great idea! Development at the end of an international airport runway. What could be better? Nope! nothing wrong with that plan. LOL

  4. If you’re going to write an article, make sure the opening statement is one of truth. The land clearing was not done in the last two weeks, it begun several months ago. Who ever wrote this article should decentralize from where ever they are. Decentralization of the CBD is more than needed, but mainly of government offices in the southern region since this is the most inefficient sector in St Lucia. Persons from the south are constantly complaining and are not being heard.

  5. Pierre said it best last year “as election draws near their will be sod turnings every day” and so it was said so it’s been done. Sod turning for sod turning for housing, sod turning for this development roads you name it AND WE ARE BROKE. Why don’t you comment about all the LOANS and increases in THE VAT that was tabled in the house of parliament today ON TOP of what was already borrowed from the IMF in May and The Caribbean Development Bank (June barley start ). In God we trust all American Dollars, US 40 million from THE IMF , US10 million from the Caribbean Development Fund for Covid-19, now in parliament today another proposed US 44 million from the International Development Association to be paid off in 2040, another US 20 million from The Caribbean development Bank for Human Resilience Project to be paid of in 2059 tally that up with The US 100 million that was borrowed form “our good friends Taiwan” THE INTEREST ALONE on this will be paid by 2035 (supposedly) and other loans too many to mention from the day Allen Chastanet took office. We are in debt right up to our eyebrows. Since the fall out from Corona we accumulate close to EC 6 Billion in debt and all you yellow jackasses can think of is putting this man back in office again to kill us. Not to mention all the proposed hike in VAT that was tabled today to put on the backs of the working poor of this country, and with no shame or spine he wants a cut in civil servants disposable income this is madness…and what will help pay for it….. tourism that’s our gamble ??? Lord have mercy on us protect us from these CRIMINALS that govern us. I hope to be around long enough to see our first court date with our debtors like Grenada, rest assure it will happen and this will be their legacy.

  6. Yea all the lands there were sold to the Chinese for $1 ec a square foot even where they putting the road they are now putting another plan to divert all traffic through LA resource road to vieux fort


  8. You’ll so called flamboyant still not seeing the shate chastnet doing is destroying this country? OK then. Time do tell.

  9. Invest ST LUCIA is misleading St.Lucians. They promised to return to discuss the final plans. This has not been done. This venture is all about a land GRAB for campaign financiers of the UWP. The plan is to sell the RECREATION PARK, the DAMES FIELD and they have been instructed by
    Allen Chastanet to remove the Historical Military concrete road to create more land space for his FRIENDS, FAMILY ect….ISL please tell ST LUCIANS
    that you paid OBMI $300,000. US for the first presentation.

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