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Investment Plans For Anse Des Sables

GIS Press Release:-  Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) is currently conceptualizing a master plan for the Anse Des Sables area in Vieux-Fort, as part of an overall redevelopment plan for the southern town.

OBMI Architecture was chosen from an international bidding process last year, as the master developers for the Anse Des Sables project. OBMI has designed successful destinations across the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East, including Capella Marigot Bay.

OBMI Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Kulig, said: “We’re gathering information so that we can fully understand what the restrictions are, and what the investment criteria might be. That is what we hope to accomplish in the next couple of days in order to start a comprehensive plan for development.”

Invest Saint Lucia and the OBMI Team most recently consulted with representatives from the community of Vieux-Fort on the proposed plans on January 30. During the first round of consultations in Dec. 2018, representatives of OBMI met with ISL and other key stakeholders such as the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) and the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA).

Roderick Cherry, CEO of Invest Saint Lucia shared the feedback from those talks.

“One of the main concerns is beach access. That has to remain as it is. It is a community beach, and one of the more popular beaches in the island. So that was one of the concerns that came out from our initial engagement with various stakeholders. The National Trust also indicated that there may be some archeological significance at some areas, so they informed us that whatever that is found during the construction phase, there should be a museum to preserve whatever that is found.”

Cherry said that the architectural design for the master plan for Anse Des Sables may be available as early as the first half of 2019, at which time investors will be invited to participate in the implementation of the physical structures for the area.

The development plan was launched on Jan. 29.


  1. Please you people, do not interfere with the old American concrete road in the vicinity, allow the public to have full access to it as we are using it for now. I am tired of saying that this concrete road was done as an example and that we should proceed to continue with it around the island. Probably, not as four lanes but two, If we do bit by bit we will complete the entire island at some point and therefore, there will be no need to spend so much on pot holes annually. Look how long this thing has lasted. Any gore-gore would support me on that, I am no engine-year but a little common sense or vision will see what I see….Lol

  2. Totally agree with you Daniel,those are the best roads and last for ever.Now the price is high way past our political posibilities,capichi?

  3. So now we only getting horse race track ? all the rest went down the dumps,mama.More consultants more studies,more pies in the skys,Chaini man screwed us I think,Chas you still have the contracts he signed and the promises he gave us? My back side itching I have to go fishing

  4. Chas que paso pibe,you no giving us horse race any more ? no race for independance celebrations? what me doing with Matilda my racing donkey? what disastre

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