‘Ipa’ calls for special crime hotline

The President of the Vendors Association, Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac, has called for the establishment of a special crime hotline that citizens can call for immediate police action against crime.

He said the number  to call for immediate police action should be well publicised.

Isaac told the Times that usually there is too much red tape when citizens call the police to report crimes.

He asserted that members of the public who try to intervene when others are being attacked by criminals are putting themselves at risk.

Isaac was responding to suggestions that ordinary citizens can take a stand against the muggings that have been reported in the City in recent weeks.

According to the Vendors Association President, the way ordinary citizens can assist is by calling the police rather than attempting to effect a citizen’s arrest.

He asserted that some of the perpetrators of crimes are  armed and very dangerous.

“They have guns,” he told the Times.

“People cannot approach these guys and I would not advise any of my vendors or any citizen to try to apprehend these guys or try to do anything about these guys because they are dangerous and they don’t want to be arrested and don’t want to be held by the police,” Isaac said.

He asserted that the criminals would do anything to escape with whatever items are stolen from visitors or locals.

Isaac told the Times that it is bad advice to call on citizens to intervene when others are attacked by criminals.