Irate Parents Demand Temporary Closure Of Ave Maria Girls’ Infant School

Irate parents of students attending the Ave Maria Girls’ Infant School Wednesday demanded that education authorities temporarily suspend classes to facilitate ongoing construction work.

The irate parents made the demand after several teachers at the institution reported sick.

One of the construction areas

One concerned parent told St Lucia Times that she was at her shop when another parent advised her to collect her daughter from the school.

Speaking on condition of anonymity Wednesday morning, the parent said she was informed that there were no teachers at the institution and students were left unattended.

“The reason being is that work is being done at the Ave Maria Infant school, I guess the Ministry if doing work at the Infant School and then with lifting up of the tiles and everything – the dust and everything, it is affecting a few teachers. So there aren’t any teachers on the Infant side,” the woman told St Lucia Times.

She said many parents were going to the school to collect their children.

“We had no school on Monday because they said they were cleaning up and as a pent, I decided to go and assist them on Monday but when I got there all I saw was there was a man cleaning the yard – spraying the yard with water.”

“The Tuesday, they resumed school, so I guess this morning there was school, so I sent my daughter. But I am sitting here this morning and somebody came to tell me, so I went to collect my daughter and of course my daughter comes to school with her cousin, so I collected them as well,” the parent stated.

She asserted that classes should have been temporarily suspended to avoid the problem.

Another parent, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, declared that she was ‘very pissed’ about what was taking place.

“The Ministry of Education decides to carry out concrete works over the weekend. Teachers are getting sick – students are being affected and as a ;parent I cannot allow my child to come to school under those conditions,” the parent declared.

“The Ministry of Education should have decided to carry out the project during the December holiday or, if they want to do it right now, close the school,” she explained.

“I spoke to the Principal this morning – just looking at her face; her eyes – it’s different. You can see she is affected by it. This morning I had to ask her if she is on medication. A lot of teachers are on sick leave. My child – I came to pick her up this morning because I cannot allow my child to stay in school. Who is going to attend to her?”

“I would like the Ministry of Education to just come out and day ‘Close the School’. When the work is completed we will clean up and we will reopen the school,” the parent said.

Saint Lucia Times was informed that of the twenty teachers at the school, only nine were on the job.

It was explained that the construction work at the institution included building a ramp to facilitate the disabled.



  1. You cant be braking concrete when school is in function,the dust the noise.What is wrong with doing the work at night time,? you can start after five in the evening and finish at three in the morning.And all can have a normal productive day .We are really backwards at times

  2. The ministry of education and the ministry of health, should work together on these projects, where classes are not being interrompt, when under going projects like this!

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