Friday, February 28, 2020

Is Michael Jackson’s legacy ruined?

BBC News:-  For decades, Michael Jackson has been called “the King of Pop”. He’s one of the biggest superstars of all time.

But his legacy has been called into question after a documentary called Leaving Neverland was shown on TV in the US and UK this week.

In the programme, James Safechuck and Wade Robson claim they were abused by the singer when they were children.

Michael Jackson’s family has denied the allegations, but the claims have cast a huge cloud over his name.

So has his legacy been tarnished forever?

The allegations made in the documentary undoubtedly left many feeling uncomfortable and disturbed.

People have been left shocked by the level of detail the two men gave about their time with Michael Jackson and the abuse.

But whether the singer is innocent or guilty has divided opinion – both among celebrities and viewers.

Some people say the documentary shows the King of Pop was a paedophile.

Digital marketing firm SEMrush analysed nearly 30,000 tweets that used #michaeljackson and #leavingneverland between 6 and 8 March.

Here are some of its findings:

  • 33% (7,995) of the tweets using “Leaving Neverland” used positive language
  • 39% (9,252) used neutral language
  • 27% (6,385) negative language
  • 37% (2,008) of tweets using “Michael Jackson” used positive language
  • 38% (2,048) used neutral language
  • 24% (1,286) used negative language

Olga Andrienko, head of global marketing at SEMrush said: “Leaving Neverland moved people to discuss the documentary openly on social channels in large numbers.

“Almost three times as many people were positive about the documentary than were backing the hashtag #michaeljackson after it aired.”

Paul Blanchard, founder of the PR company Right Angles, says it’s too early to tell what lasting impact the revelations will have on Michael Jackson’s legacy.

“This is the Brexit of pop music. People will be more divided than ever. The longer it goes on the more alienated and divided people are.

“As we’ve got nearer to Brexit people have become even more polarised and even more opposed to each other and not come together.

“I think this will happen with Jackson’s legacy. For those who are starting to turn off him they will become more entrenched in that view.

“For those that think he’s a victim of blackmail and these people are trying to get money out of him – they will continue to think that ever more strongly.”

Michael Jackson’s family has strongly denied the claims made against him and says the allegations are about getting money from the singer’s estate.

His nephew Taj Jackson spoke to Newsbeat on Wednesday to defend his uncle and said the singer would be “crying” over the allegations.

But other high profile family members – such as his mother, and sister Janet Jackson – haven’t addressed the claims.

His daughter Paris has kept a low profile since the documentary was shown and hasn’t spoken about it directly.

But on Thursday she sent a tweet in which she told her followers to keep calm, saying: “Y’all take my life more seriously than I do.”

She went on to say: “I know injustices are frustrating and it’s easy to get worked up. but reacting with a calm mind usually is more logical than acting out of rage and also… it feels better to mellow out.”

Michael Jackson’s estate is suing HBO, which showed the documentary in the US, for $100m (£77m) – claiming the film breaches a non-disparagement clause in an old contract.


  1. His music was and is great,thats what matters to me.His private life could never be normal from the start.And like many more famous singers and musicians he was a bit of a mess.To hell with his legacy I still like his moves and his songs

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