Thursday, September 29, 2022

Isaac Says People Putting Politics Before Health Amid COVID-19 Crisis

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Health Minister Mary Isaac has lamented that many people are pushing what she described as ‘the political agenda’ instead of the health agenda, as the country grapples with the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

“We all have to take responsibility for what is happening here today,” Isaac told a news briefing Friday.

She observed that children are not able to go to school and the government has to spend money that it does not have.

“We are crippling a lot of businesses and institutions in our own country,” Isaac lamented.

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She asserted that the government has tried so hard to  contain COVID-19, but to date, Saint Lucia has returned almost to ‘square one’, so that the Island can reinstitute many of the important measures that it took to protect lives.

“This is all happening because many people push the political agenda before they push the health agenda,” the Minister declared.

“It is about your life – it is about mine,” Isaac explained.

“It is about our children’s lives. This is not about politics and elections. If we cannot contain this virus, many of us will not live to see the next elections. We need to get that straight – we need to get it right,” she told the nationally televised news briefing.

“We need everybody, every Saint Lucian to come to the table. We need everyone to unite – the government, the opposition, all the  other people who think they are political parties – the new ones, the old ones, we need everyone,” Isaac stated.

“We are not able to shut the country down like we did last time, because if we do that many people are going to starve to death,” the minister explained.

Isaac encouraged everyone to practise the protocols and save lives.



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