Sunday, September 25, 2022

Isaac Says Publishing Names Of Home Quarantine Violators A ‘Last Resort’

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Health and Wellness Minister, Mary Isaac, has told reporters here that publishing the names of persons who have violated home quarantine is a last resort.

“This is a last resort measure and we are still, while we have put it out, we are still contemplating whether there is not a better way, but for now we cannot come up with a better way,” Isaac disclosed Thursday.

Health authorities warned Wednesday that they will  publish the names of people in home quarantine whom health officials have been unable to contact, unless the individuals contact their assigned Health Officer.

A list of the names and telephone numbers of Health Officers in the various regions was also published.

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“We have been observing the whole issue of confidentiality and we do not want people to discriminate against those people who are in quarantine, people who are in isolation, as well as people who have tested positive for COVID-19,” the Minister of Health explained.

But she asserted that it has reached the point where the authorities are trying to protect the nation and as a result, have to do everything in their power to protect the masses as opposed to ‘one or two persons.’

Senator Isaac noted that home quarantine violators may well be endangering members of the public and spreading COVID-19.

Asked about monitoring bands that were to be given to people in home quarantine, the Minister told reporters that the devices are instituted up to a point.

“This is why we are saying that we cannot find the persons, because when we call, you know our people and our culture, the people have the bands – not necessarily the electronic bands because we don’t have sufficient to go around, they have bands and the numbers they have given us to contact them we have tried our best to get through to them,” Isaac stated.

But she said the efforts have been unsuccessful.

“It’s getting to the point where it’s very risky to just have those people out there,” Isaac declared.

Headline photo caption: Health & Wellness Minister Mary Isaac (Stock image)


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