Island Tribe On The Road For St Lucia Carnival 2022

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Island Tribe Carnival Band today officially announced its participation in St Lucia Carnival 2022, promising revelers absolute bliss and bacchanalia following two years of pandemic hibernation.

St Lucia Carnival takes place from 7 – 20 July 2022 with the parade of the bands set for July 18 & 19, 2022.

Island Tribe will provide masqueraders with a uniquely Caribbean experience through its
portrayal of “Revenge 2.0”, inspired by the Carnival God who reigned over his Festival
Kingdom for centuries.

The portrayal depicts what transpires when prisoners of the Festival Kingdom resurface to take the reign after being locked away for over two years.

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“We will have our revenge on what we have endured these past few years, as our Tribe will
once again take to the road with the goal of pure bliss for two days in paradise,” said Band
Leader Mr. Jason Hullingseed.

The band will feature four sections, namely Opulence, Bacchanalia, Kings Reward and Jewel
of Jade with the most competitive pricing available for the season.

Mr. Hullingseed added, “The people, their lust for pageantry and bacchanalia from pulsating
rhythms of soca music, is what defines and unites us. Island Tribe is determined and focused on bringing back the importance of culture and the true love of carnival.”

Island Tribe is also preparing to host its only carnival event – Bakkanal Beach this Sunday
May 29, 2022, and every Sunday, culminating on June 26, 2022.

The free event, scheduled for Vigie beach in Castries from 2:00PM to Midnight and will feature performances from top local artists, display of costumes and opportunities for potential revelers to register.

Island Tribe has welcomed the announcement by the government of St Lucia that the
parade of the bands will be returned to its original route from Massy Mega and into the city
circuit and supports the decision to have carnival 2022 opened to unvaccinated revelers.

The band shares the views of the many stakeholders who have expressed their joy at the
stated commitment of the Government of St Lucia toward the continued growth of St Lucia

Island Tribe believes the 2022 staging of St Lucia Carnival can be improved on several fronts.

Through closer collaboration between Carnival organizers, the various bands, and other key
players in the sector, exemplified through strategic partnerships, we can grow the island’s
biggest cultural showcase to heights never achieved before.

Island Tribe stands ready and willing to support the Organizers of St Lucia Carnival 2022 in
presenting a bigger and better carnival product this year and beyond.

Revelers are encouraged to follow the band on our various social media pages for more
information on costumes, registration and events.

Lucian Carnival 2022…. Island Tribe is ready!

Source: Island Tribe Carnival Band. Photo: Internet stock image

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  1. On the road again … with the carnival uniform of feathers and bikinis (sans creativity), with covid and monkey pox thrown in!

  2. If At.lucians are smart (they aren’t) , they would save every penny they have for the coming collapse.

  3. HI LIAR destoys every position he is in. the ministry of tourism is the latest. boycott hilare carnaval. when people have wickedness in them, there is no cure for this disease in some people.

  4. Monkey pox and covid will be on the road too. This government does not care about the people it’s all about money in the pockets of tbeir leech friends and acquaintances. Regretted my vote but 5 years is not forever. Time to be rid of these domestic terrorists


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