‘It Hurt The Prime Minister’ – Burglary At Pierre’s Constituency Office

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Police are investigating a burglary at the constituency office of Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.

Cindy Charlemagne, the Youth Attaché to the Prime Minister, told St Lucia Times that on Tuesday, around 7:45 am, she received a call from the Castries East MP informing her of the incident at the office from which she operates.

Charlemagne said the side door bore signs of forced entry.

Cindy Charlemagne

“It hurt the Prime Minister because this man loves people,” she declared.

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“When he has done so much into putting people first, and this happens, it is really disappointing for him, for us who work in the constituency office.”

Among the missing items were a 32-inch television in the constituency office’s public area and a microwave oven in the conference room.

Stand where television sat

“It’s very unfortunate at this time, and I say at this time because only this week we accumulated a whopping $250,000 to assist parents to defray the cost of back-to-school expenses,” the PM’s Youth Attaché lamented.

She also mentioned housing and other programmes to assist people, including the availability of groceries.

“When I hear my Prime Minister sound so disheartened about this situation, you can’t help feeling disheartened and disappointed,” Charlemagne told St Lucia Times.

“As we know, we have a good-natured Prime Minister who puts his everything into putting people first. It’s his mantra which he really lives up to, so when this happens at this time when so much is being given back to the community, back to Saint Lucia, back to the youth, back to children, it really puts a bad taste in one’s mouth,” she explained.

“We have no clue who the perpetrators are. It could be somebody from anywhere,” the Youth Attaché asserted.

Charlemagne said the constituency office was closed on Wednesday, putting constituents at a disadvantage.

“There is a feeling of unease,” the Youth Attaché stated.

Nevertheless, Charlemagne disclosed that measures were already in place to beef up security.


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Editorial Staff
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  1. I condone any sort of crime but let’s be honest things are really hard. It is for those of us working for a dollar far less for those who are not morking. Politicians are all liars that deserve what they get. If their hardcore stalwarts not working is given a $1000 small job by another rep from another constituency they are quarreling and getting in for that what else they will not do. Stop letting these men and women use you. It is the same set getting the small and big contracts. Choiseul lord have mercy. You will work your tail out for them year after year through out and when they are I. Office you never get $100 from them far less a contract . When you stay up till 2 o’clock during campaign and they promise to do things differently but when they win they advice you kick ppl out and get new persons onboard. God is not dead not even new persons want to associate with them because god is getting everyone wise to their greed. Whatever they see they will reap. Look up to god, pray and believe. God may not give us all we need but he will not let us starve. Get wise stlucians for our hod is watching and will be with us. 5 years is not to far. Let us create history next election. Stay home and advice your family your neighbors to stay home. Remind them of what they got and the years that they are always being lied to year after year. It pains me to see I going from house to house with these politician visiting sick underprovelde people. Telling them that they will help them be on the welfare list when they win as they can see their conditions. They promising the people that for their votes. My heart goes out to these persons that I help deceived during campaigning. Please forgive me . I promise that you will not see me coming to help fool you again. Keep praying for gods has his days numbered for these politicians who sucks on your blood. Let them keep on giving to these leached that had but want more and more every time forgetting you exist. Let them rule in pain for they are not of god
    I’m doing his will. Wait watch and pray for god too is watching. Peace and love

  2. “I was at a loss to investigate such matters as a result of this”.
    It seems good to the sprit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the accusations which you disturbed and trouble the minds and rounded up some bad characters and have caused division.
    You know that some time ago, GOD make a choice among you and choose you that the people may believe.
    Nevertheless,reason your case with GOD’S fearing,may the good LORD gives you freedom and permit you to carry out your duties to offer a bribe.
    May GOD be the ⚖️ judge between the innocent and the guilty, condemning the guilty,defend the innocent ❗

    O LORD, every day,put to silence all the wicked in the land 🇱🇨.
    “Surely, GOD is good to St-Lucia
    GOD has not change”.

  3. @Not afraid ..I made a statement in a public forum. You took issue and responded “So if things are good by your side keep quiet and let others help the voiceless and vulnerable echo their pain.” — what nerve telling me to be quiet.!!!

    You see @Not Afraid I live in the real world 🌎 and I don’t depend on the government to see me through with their promises and handouts because that’s an exercise In futility. Some Lucians paid thousand for carnival shows and costumes took out loans and are now begging for school books and uniform $$$$$ for their children. Is the government responsible for their decision?

    By the sweat of my brow I shall eat bread and I thank God for surely he is my only provider and my trust is in him and not in friends/man/politicians/government/UWP/SLP or whomever. To God be the glory — Amen 🙏🏾

  4. A quarter of a million dollar go to his constituency. I hope all 17 received that amount. It is sad the thug and their accomplices can inflict pain on our PM and the nation. MPS we need stiffer laws and punishment.

    • Yeah offcourse man stiffer laws and punishment, why don’t you go pursue them and then lock them up forever. Pierre has many failed promises, no improvement of his constinuency it has been the same for many years. The people are tired of his complaining and no ambition, those guys got the oppertunity to take advantage of that. His attaché is ok where she is with her good pay check.

  5. I hate to say this ..but some St. Lucians are their own worst enemy. Interesting however, they are always the ones to complain with the usual “things are hard in St. Lucia…spare me and inform me where “things are easy”…you should all learn to agree to disagree ..stealing and destruction has no place in the equation.

    • Jay keep telling yourself ‘stealing and destruction have no place in the equation’ and see if things will change.
      Of course things are hard everywhere but St Lucia wages and salaries are ridiculous in alot of cases. Plus the gov’t want to continue suppressing its people with continuous taxes and no relief for the vulnerable. PJP will get flack because he promised people in opposition. So if things are good by your side keep quiet and let others help the voiceless and vulnerable echo their pain.

  6. A sign of the Times no one is immune from crime.
    The persons who buy the stolen equipment are also responsible if there was no market theft would be futile

  7. It is rather disturbing to see the number of people glorifying such act, all in the name of politics! That’s really terrible because you never know where these criminals will strike next. Be careful what you wish for another brother/sister. Tanto Tanto!

    • Of course that is what “hurts the Prime minister ” because he can now play the victim card which is part of his tactics to gain power and sympathy. The robbery does not hurt his pocket but his “feelings” and we are supposed to have empathy for his “feelings”. My poor leader!
      Today all over the world real leaders are looking at ways to mitigate the massive 10%+ inflation that is decimating workers wages but here in St Lucia the clueless slp ‘leaders’ wallowing in their new found wealth and perks have no answers for any of the travails of our under pressure families.
      School about to start and no money for books or lunches or bus fares or gas but pierre’s “feelings” are hurt.
      A tourism consultant called for an end to season tourism but for the first time in at least 5 years there are no cruise ships for three months in summer. Regional tourism is down from 80,000 to 9,000.
      But the perennial victim Pierre’s ‘feelings’ are hurt! What a crock!
      I have no sympathy for these clowns. And the worst thing is that if you get rid of one they will just change positions and put in Frederick’s ki g or hillaire as if that will make any difference.
      Lucians – hold on – you in for a LOOONG bumpy ride!

  8. I thought he trusted St Lucians to act in an appropriate way always. He didn’t need security cause he trusted everyone. So why now he is planning to beef up security. We only learn and react after the chickens have come to roust. Time to be proactive Mr Pierre.
    I also take serious objection to the comments of his attache. It is Mr Pierre’s duty as Parliamentary Rep and PM to do things for his constituents and the country as a whole. The money and resources used to do these things don’t come from his pocket. It is state funds, our taxes, so stop playing like he is doing us a favour. BULL.

    • PJP the perpetrators are the guys on the block you told don’t be a victim these are the suspects BS about it can be somebody from anywhere…slp driving the youths into a life of crime because they lack vision have no plans no work the struggle is real in st.lucia who feels it knows it.

  9. About time they take back what’s theirs… you fooled them, said you could play the game well… told them to even fend for themselves and stop being the victim so now you know exactly how they feel. They did just what you ask them to do. Happy is not a malaway home they broke into… go where the bread is buttered.

  10. The Constituancy office Should havs had Alarms and Cctv on the pole Facing the office .Over the years Cctv was ghe Main Topic in St.Lucia now it have Died out permernently. Politricktians will learn that Criminals have no Friends

  11. I guess now he understands how it feel when people gets rob now the crime is knocking on his door may be something will get done about it

  12. I’m sorry, but people need to stop mentioning that you helping people somehow means no one should rob you. Uhmm, no, enough of that kind of thought. Badmun will rob anyone if they catch you off guard or weak. It’s as simple as that. So don’t be disheartened to think your goodwill to the community or people means nothing to others. That’s all, suck my lime!

  13. Well pjp tired of theifing people maybe bossman not taking care of his children..Bossman give your children you are the pm now

  14. Well at least they have intelligence. The politicians robbing us blind. What better people to rob than the politicians.


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