‘It Was Like A War Zone!’: Shooters Rampage Through Morne Serpent

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Shooters went on the rampage in Morne Serpent, Gros Islet, Tuesday night, wounding at least one man and driving fear into the hearts of residents.

“It was like a war zone,” a woman who spoke to St Lucia Times on anonymity recalled.

Other residents recalled seeing at least three unidentified men running through the community from the top of the hill entering Morne Serpent, and firing indiscriminately at people.

The residents said the shooters wore masks.

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Bullets grazed a thirty-seven-year-old man when one of the shooters fired in his direction.

Another man sustained injuries to his arm while fleeing for his life.

At the same time, a third male, whom residents of the community said is a bus driver, abandoned his vehicle when one of the assailants opened fire, hitting the bus.

” Last night, I was in, and while I was there, I just heard gunshots, so I closed my door and put off my light, and I stay inside. Multiple gunshots. Gunshots, gunshots. I had never heard that in my life,” a female resident recalled.

She disclosed that her son was the one whom the bullets grazed.

“He is alive,” the woman added with relief.

Another individual living in the area said he had lived in Morne Serpent all his life, and what occurred had shocked him.

He declared that people would be living in fear and expressed that he might have become a casualty if he had been around about 7:30 pm when the shooting started.

Police are investigating the incident.

There are no further details at present.

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    • Well we need to get continuous help from the US government in revoking or refusing to issue diplomatic visas to more of the elements that govern us.

  1. Let’s face the facts, the Government are criminals. You have a lawyer who represents the most heinous criminals amongst them. These guns are coming into the country cause customs officers are paid off. Not to mention you have police officers, especially the SSU who protect gang leaders.

    • Well said, additionally we depend on the US to send the hammer down on our legal and gov. representative while they come publicly and yap there mouth how they have a perfect track record of investigating their own… total BS. The safe haven for criminals lies between the Government and the Police, bottom line!

  2. I am of the opinion what happened there last night might be the start of a new era of crime wave. However that being said I believe that these shooting derived from a certain gang who is not afraid of the cops and it’s legal consiquences perhaps these guys must have visited prisons a few times already and are well harden. It is time communities become more vigilants and landlords should pay keen attention whom they rent their house or apartment too because bad influence comes in good community and cause Chaos like what happened here.

  3. This is no surprise with a police force which can be considered an extension of the political parties. An effective police force would be one of the solutions to this country’s crime problems but KDA for his own selfish political agenda, destroyed it. And with his destruction of that organization, came the destruction of some of the best officers the organization had to offer. How sad!

    Politics has become the enemy of the people as it relates to the fight against crime. Some of the emptiest police officers have made it to the top of this organization because of political patronage. How then do we expect that organization to create any dent in criminal activity? Sad to say, this state of affairs will continue until some politician with the required testicular fortitude make it the professional organization it ought to be and hirer and promote based on merit and competence.

  4. Still writing the crime bill after almost a year? Sounds like they are writing the constitution for the Sahara Desert. People led by donkeys.

  5. Politicians are there for power and control, not for the people; sadder still there’s one who jumped over and because of his vendetta, vengeance, hate etc will do anything to frustrate the efforts of the former leader. The main opposition to that new Hospital that Chastanet started for St. Jude comes from him and his puppet master in that red Gown. People did not vote to satisfy your jealousy and hate, give the people of V/Fort that Hospital that Chas started. You all don’t give a damn when demons are loosed to kill, as long as your bread is Buttered and the suckers have voted you in. It may not last for four more years. (Pray daily for your safety),

  6. What’s striking is No Outcry from the Residence or Public for the Authorities headed by the PM to do anything. SMH. I wonder if Poyotte still there Putting Mechanisms in Place. I wonder if the journalists ask PJP about shooting in Morne Serpent if he will still blame the person and buy more vehicles as a Solution. Clueless and Criminal haboring govt ministers. WE DOOMED for the next 4 yrs. Yes Hacks Attack me and not the Govt for Doing Absolutely Nothing to Curtail Crime.

    • Certain homicides are hidden and the real figures are being distorted. I don’t know but I still feel that the Fond St Jacques death needed further investigation. What is the present count cause we stopped hearing figures since March.

      • My G, the police can only investigate the Soufriere incident as a homicide if and only if the postmortem examination ruled it as such. The lady was determined to have died from natural causes. Now unless you are a certified pathologist, I think you should accept their findings and move on. We like to undermine our professionals too damn much.

      • Awa brother the later report determined it as a homicide said there were marks on violence on her go check it on Loop. Please who am I undermining here.

  7. It is a bit shocking to the system now but brace yourself; what we are witnessing around the world right now is hardly the depth of the darkness to come. Be it in Texas, Ukraine, name it evil is evil. At a time such as this, the invisible enemy roams through this earth seeing who it may devour; there is one way out, you can only defeat it by the words given to us: make sure that you are a child of ‘The Living God’ through Jesus Christ, be Baptized, trust in Him, do no evil, Love one another. ‘With that Love – you will not kill’ – so the invisible enemy of the Soul is defeated; Attend a Bible believing Church and be SAVED.

  8. so these guys just running around shooting people on site? sounds to me like they doing this to be initiated into a gang

  9. Police should start detaining residents- some of them are co-conspirators to incidents like these as they know alot. People start giving police information

  10. There are persons.Living there who knows.very well who are the Shooters..If was police they would Mention ths pomi e offi ers name oe Mary Francis would Commenf against the police


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