Italy Turns Away American Tourists On Private Jet


The Local:-  Border police in Sardinia denied entry to five US citizens who attempted to enter the island aboard a private jet, in line with Italy’s ban on almost all tourism from outside Europe.

The group of around ten adults and children, which also included one Italian national, two Brits, two Germans and a New Zealander, were stopped upon landing at Elmas airport in Cagliari on Wednesday morning.

They had flown by private plane from Colorado, despite Italy’s ongoing ban on most non-essential travel from outside the EU, Schengen Zone and UK.

“We were treated as if we were criminals, it’s not fair,” Federica Fanari, a passenger who hails from Sardinia but lives in Germany, told local news site Casteddu Online.

After several hours in the airport, she and her friends eventually got back on the plane at about 11:30pm and flew to the UK. Some reports said Italian authorities had offered to allow the non-Americans to enter Sardinia on the condition they quarantined for 14 days, but the group apparently opted to stay together.

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  1. Those people need to respect other countries’ protocols and procedures. By them coming on a private jet, they believed that they would have been exempted; oh pls. This serves those idiots right. Had this been the US they would have similarly enforced the rule.

  2. That’s the USA for you
    Think they can do what they like! Arrogance and ignorance !
    Well done Italy!!! Good work!

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