Wednesday, August 17, 2022

“It’s A Big Boa Indeed!”

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Last week, Forestry Department employees rescued a large boa constrictor from Sarrot, Castries, after learning of the snake’s presence.

“It’s a big boa indeed,” Senior Wildlife Officer Pius Haynes told St Lucia Times, adding that Saint Lucia boas of that size are not uncommon as typically, the creatures can reach 12 to 14 feet in length.

After rescuing the snake Haynes said the Forestry Department released it in the Millet forest reserve. He disclosed that the boa is most likely a female.

A photo of the creature appeared on social media simultaneously with a video of huge snake slithering across a road in the glare of a distant light.

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However, Haynes explained that it did not occur in Saint Lucia.

“The video that was shown with a huge snake crossing the road – that one was not from Saint Lucia. That was most likely from India and it might be one of these pythons that India has,” he stated.

According to Haynes, the markings on the snake crossing the road are not characteristic of a Saint Lucia boa but more of a python.

Headline photo from social media. Forestry Officer Pamela Alfred stands near boa

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  1. Lucians, Let’s crush the head of de Cabot Snake devouring our land from Casa en bas to Cap Estate to Ansea La Ray.👿🌴😭🎄🙏

  2. The snake on it business live it alone. The boa didn’t ask y’all to rescue and drop it nowhere. Suppose that was the snake lil motel. Y’all jus coming an drop the ting other places. Humans again they just can’t keep their hands to themselves lol

  3. I will kill Burn and Bury Whether Boa or.Ferdelance .St.Lucians love too much Social Media Shit

  4. All of yu’ll that want to have it open yu’ll yard not my ass, if I see it in my yard I chopping it. If they want to fine me fine me and I think I speak for the majority. Some of you fools talking about “tourist attraction” yeah let’s board the plane to go down to St Lucia to see a big snake. Like really ?? Really now ??

    • Why don’t you stop commenting cause sorry to say a septic tank if it had life would turn away from filth that comes from you.

  5. Every creature has a right to live on planet earth just like you all. Earth was not created only for people to live on. In fact if it were for man only we would not have survived. This planet was created for creatures great and small, for plants, water, air ect.. Respect nature. Glad that the animal got released back into the wild. Some of you ignorant people like to think that God made earth just for you all selfish selves who are around just for a little 70 years more or less. Man’s life span is less than a mango tree. This tree lives for up to 500 years. I mean the real ones. So that goes to show u that you must respect all life.

    • Hats off and a serious applause to you whoever you are, you spoke the damn truth said it beautifully. We need everything on earth to survive, even the bacteria decomposing matter or turning nitrogen into amonia, then nitrates for plants to absorb and grow so we can get food. God did a spendid job of creating this earth and human beings are the ones destroying it. Have respect for the animals and if you fear them so much, do not go where they are, they come where you are then leave. This is their planet not ours, you are sooo soo right about that. Its refreshing to know someone actually thinks and understand.

  6. Boas (even that size) are the most docile creatures in the world. That’s spectacular, rather than harm it or disturbi it in ANY way people should rejoice that we have such an amazing specimen in St Lucia.
    That’s a tourist attraction and demonstrates how natural our precious environment is!!!!!!!

    • yes an explanation was given but that explanation does not justify or have any exact proof of what they said is true about the whereabouts of that particular snake, just just like most of us it was seen on a video that is not to clear of the exact location and not with our own eyes, Didn’t the Giant african snail come from Africa? but yet it was here in saint lucia.

      Things get here through smuggling endangered species and not to mention when you carry over plants so basically that snake could be a python but somehow it is here in Saint Lucia, Now i am not questioning if it is here or not what i am questioning is how does she know for a fact with no reason of a doubt that it is not here this video was recorded.

  7. how is Haynes so positive and sure that that video with the snake crossing the road is not from Saint Lucia? the place is pitch black with just a little light

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