IV International Investors Conference

PRESS RELEASE:-The Costa Rican President, Luis Guillermo Solis,  has endorsed the Caribbean RIM Platform, and the IV  International Investors Conference &  the FIRST CARIRIM TRADEXPO 2017 to be held at the internationally prestigious, EARTH University – located in the Caribbean port Province of Limón – Costa Rica,  August  29 – 30th  2017.  The Youth Conference is 27-28th August 2017

President Luis Guillermo Solis has also extended letters of invitation to all CARICOM and CARIFORUM Member State Governments, and the private sector; in particular the larger manufacturers of the region and even businesses seeking joint ventures.

The President anticipates a wider participation from the Caribbean this year. President Luis Guillermo Solis is expected once again to address this IV Conference, together with a number of officials and business persons from the region. One of the organizers, Ramiro Crawford of Limon Roots Costa Rica, indicated that “President Solis has invited the entire English speaking territories and makes a special appeal to the OECS territories to make a significant presence at the upcoming event.  He hopes that this will also be an opportunity to pursue goals within the framework of the CARIRIM which has been conceptualized by LIMON ROOTS – RAMIRO CRAWFORD, DAVID JORDAN and technical adviser, Dr. MARK GRIFFITH.

Crawford of Limon Roots who has been the host leader, is happier due to a more positive input and collaboration from the Caribbean, for the second year in a row.  The interim Secretariat, is being provided by a consortium of private sector entities from the countries across the Caribbean RIM, namely Limon Roots, FRIEETAD in the OECS Inc .and the CaribInvest Group which has representation in Barbados and Panama.  The Interim Secretariat and Hubs of the Caribbean RIM Platform Initiative (CRPI) for Regional Cooperation, Investment and Trade  –  Barbados, Costa Rica, Guyana, Panama and Saint Lucia.- has enabled the RIM  to advance phenomenally under the leadership  of Crawford of Limon Roots, The CaribInvest Group and David Jordan  of FRIEETAD in the OECS Inc.- headquartered in Grenada. FRIEETAD in the OECS Inc. and the CaribInvest Group are also a key players in the event. The EARTH University in Costa Rica – where the event will be hosted, and participants accommodated, is a major player in this year’s event together with key sponsors.

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