IV Trade and Investment Conference

PRESS RELEASE:-Saint Lucia is now officially one of the destinations in the Caribbean where a NODE of the RIM will be located. The Caribbean RIM Platform Initiative (CRPI) for Regional Cooperation, Investment and Trade is set up as one of its objectives i)  the  Establishment of a framework for the stimulation and enhancement of Investment; Trade Relations, including trade in services

The NODE, located in Saint Lucia, will serve the entire Eastern Caribbean states (OECS). This announcement was made in Costa Rica during the 1V Trade and Investment Conference and the 2nd RIM Conference held at Earth University in Costa Rica 29-30 August 2017. Chairperson of the grouping and its Adviser – Dr. Mark Griffith also named the other nodes to include Panama, Barbados, as well as Cuba and Haiti.  Guyana will serve Guyana and Surname).

Over the years Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica have been the main beneficiaries and promoters of trade and Investment between the region and Central America. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has a partial scope / bilateral trade Agreement with Costa Rica. Dr. Griffith who made the announcement expects the change in the trend and hopes that following this year’s successful Conference in Costa Rica, that the Eastern Caribbean will feature more prominently.  This view is well supported by David Jordan Chair of FRIEETAD in the OECS Inc. one of the organisers of the Conference and Ramiro Crawford the anchor Limon Roots resident in Costa Rica.  Limon Roots previously hosted a highly successful Awards night on the 25th August.

During the conference and Wednesdays session 30th August , President Costa Rican President, Luis Guillermo Solis, also announced Port Limon as one of the provinces of Costa Rica as a special economic zone for the Caribbean.  The Conference was also addressed by the Minister Edgar Guiterierrez Espelta for the Environment and Minister Geannina Dinarte, for the Economy Industry and Commerce. This year’s Conference was attended by business persons, primarily young entrepreneurs including a group from Ecuador. The students of the Green Valley High School were also special guests. During the B2B sessions – a major leisure maritime investment between Trinidad and Costa Rica was explored, while Belize through Hot Mama Belize also explored avenues to launch its sauces and condiments in the Costa Rica market. The other promoters sought to market indigenous clothing designs.

The Conference held over two days ended 30 August 2017. Next year’s event is scheduled for the last week in August 2018 in either the Caribbean territory or Central America once again.

[email protected]  Giordano Associates Ltd. 1st September 2017