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Updated on May 31, 2020 10:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 10:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 10:23 pm

Jacmel Bus Drivers Fix Potholes On Their Route

Jacmel bus drivers came together  Sunday to fix potholes along the road from Morne Ciseaux to their community.

One of the  Jacmel bus drivers, Gordon Nelson, told St Lucia Times that they approached their district representative, Dominic Fedee, who was able to source the material needed to do the job.

“One of the drivers contacted his father who has a truck, so he loaned us the truck and we transported the cement,” he explained.

Nelson explained that about 15 drivers were involved in doing the work which started about 10.00 a.m. and concluded about 6:00 p.m.

He told St Lucia Times that some of the potholes on the road were ‘deep and wide.’

“Most of us have new vehicles, so instead of allowing our vehicles to get damaged, we decided to tackle the problem with the help of our district representative,”Nelson said.





    • It is wrong for any person to repair a Government Of St Lucia road. The Ministry is the sole organization or entity to do repairs to the roads. Therefore with that said did the Ministry engineers give their blessings and was present for the repairs ? This a very serious matter.

  1. I feel encouraged by you citizenry. In the words of Mother Teresa: “It is better to light just one little candle than to curse the dark.”

  2. Well done citizens, this is an excellent example of citizen-government partnership and self-help.
    Hope others can follow this example.

  3. Where is the money from the extra gas tax the PM put saying it was to fix roads. Why does the bus drivers have to fix the road themselves. Mr. PM answer to this please. You fooled the people. Shame on you.

  4. Jacmel road done have fewer potholes. What about yours? Jacmel buses rolling on smoother road. How about yours? Jacmel drivers got cement donated. How about yours? Jacmel passengers riding on smoother road? How about you? Sakway tonne miserable negative people. Sit there scratch your crutches throw stones after the sun and wait on government for everything. Same type of people sitting around and say there’s no work. Play them no mind drivers. You did a great job.

  5. The Monies being Collected on Fuel what is it being used for .The Castrirs South East .Babonneu and Monchy have the worst Roads in St.Lucia .Purchasing a new Bus to Commute these Deplorable all your monies goes towards Susention parts

  6. This effort by the buddies was not done from a civic minded perspective. Although everyone using this particular road stands to benefit, it was done primarily to prevent the new buses from depreciating in a very short time span. The motoring public pay a wheel tax which adds up to millions of dollars. Why is it that the public roads are suffering from pothole disease. The government finds money for the PM to travel the world first class, stay in expensive hotels, why can’t they find money to patch the roads? Why are so many roads in a sad date of disrepair? This government is an appalling failure.

  7. Terrific beginnings people…sometimes you’ve just got to fo what you know needs to be done ! One can not wait around…especially for
    Government Lackeys…..this has to be a great example forvither Island people,
    Especially in BARBADOS. ..pothole island !

  8. Well done drivers. I remember when the labour party was on their second term in office and neglected Micoud South as usual it took us some residence of Dugard Micoud took to fixing our own roads. The mini bus drivers didnt even set one finger in helping. Arsene James passed and saw what we were doing and he told us he will call the quarry and he will find a dump truck to help us. He bought the quarry waste for us. Bless his soul. I can safely say for all the years labour party was in power not once did they ever fixed the roads in Dugard, Ti. Rocher, La courville, Paix bouche or fond D’lor. As the saying goes it takes a village

  9. Hope they compacted the road and rolled it properly,good job mini bus drivers,your minister will owe you a lot,I guess you going to vote for him now? yes the people of Jack Mel have a nice road,what a mess UWP

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