Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jacmel Resident Injured In Shooting Incident

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Police are investigating a report that shooters opened fire at a Blackstone, Jacmel resident Monday about 8:15 pm, as the man went to his home.

According to reports from the community, two masked assailants fired several shots at the victim, hitting him in the upper body.

Residents said an ambulance transported him to the OKEU Hospital.

There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. The message of Christ and his kingdom has now come to us :
    Act V emphasizes the mission of Christ followers to proclame the live out the liberating message of the good news of Christ kingdom.
    Those who follow Jesus with both feet are being built into God’s new temple,the place where the sprit of God lives and where the sprit of God is there is ‘liberty’.
    God sprit uses us (actively and power-
    fully)to accomplish his purpose in us and through us to impact the world.
    As as a son or daughter of Adam,we were born (seperated) from God,the only close trusting realationship offers a new begining for humanity and confront each of us with a personal choice.
    If the 🗝️key’VICTORY’ has been secured ; therefore, God wants the Victory of Jesus to spread to all the nations of the world.

    For he chose us in him, before the creation of the world to be (Holy and blameless) in his sight,so that (death) can’t touche us ;far above all rulers and Authoritiy, power and dominion and every title that can be given,not only in the present age but in the one to come.
    Like the rest !
    We were by nature objectif of wrath, for he is our PEACE, who has made (the two one)and has destroyed the barrier (power)of death,the dividing wall of hostility.

  2. There is need for some serious police in this state. The criminals in police uniform should resign immediately. By the way there are 2 stations in the area, one at Marigot and 1 at Anse La Raye with no police in them. Why can’t Desir put police in them.

  3. Why is it so difficult for the leaders to stiffen the penalties on crime mongrels. Their priority was to legalize ganja. They did it as soon as they got in office. Evertime we hv a shoothin they call a meeting with no outcome. It shows they are either clueless or brainless when it comes to dealing with crime. We dont want to hear talk , its time for action. Chas was in there and did nothing about crime and now he want to advise this administration. Lord send help. And yall der fighting for party. I putting pressure on whichever party in power. I want s better stlucia. Them politicians doing like they benefiting from the crime.jah

  4. hey you stop blaming pjp for everyting man all these shootings is gang related ok drugs involve in this so when rivals cant pay for drugs guns are being traded for it and you know our young ghetto people these days they want huge payouts without working hard for it

  5. Demons of death and destruction are loose in St. Lucia; time for all Christian Churches to get together in deep prayer, and pray against the spirit of death, but mainly pray for peace and love in the communities. All Christian Churches should set aside one or more evenings for intensive prayer, to defeat the powers of darkness and to bring in the light of love for your victory.

  6. PJP you are failing the people of this country. You mister pm are a biggest threat to my national security. When you have a government, which does bad by its people who fought hard for bread, freedom and justice they can never prosper. You don’t use people for power then kick them aside like dogs whilst you and your cabal sit in your ivory towers feasting whilst they are hungry. When you have a government which which forgets its people the minute they get in power and are more concerned with enriching their fff our country will continue to see blood flow.
    When you have a weak pm who is too proud and arrogant to realise that he needs to seek help from persons outside his inner cabal this is what obtains. I voted for the wrong party. I regret, I regret, I regret

    • A weak PM yes, but he surely can’t be blamed for this type of crime. Parents are to be blamed!

    • I am with you they trade the people of the country for the election no other country do not have killing
      Like that we need to take this country back the country was a peaceful place as the first person said everyone come together have a monthly prayers for st.Lucia this country need it….

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