Jah Cure Remanded Until March 8

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Jamaica Observer:– After a two hour hearing today, reggae singer Jah Cure was remanded once again until March 8 when the trial, the substantive hearing into his attempted murder case in Amsterdam, will take place.

The Prison Walls singer, with his attorney at law Jan-Hein Kuijpers, appeared in court to face a battery of charges that includes attempted murder and aggravated assault. The public prosecutor told the court that the investigation is heading into its final phase.

Franklin Wattimena, press officer with The Netherlands Public Prosecution Service in Amsterdam, explained that Jah Cure will remain in custody until his trial.

“The suspect and his lawyer were present in the Amsterdam court. The trial, the substantive hearing, will take place on March 8 at 14.00 hours. The court has decided that the suspect will continue to remain in custody until March 8. The investigation into the stabbing by the suspect is in the final phase,” Wattimena told OBSERVER ONLINE.

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“The Prosecutor is only waiting for the results of the digital investigation into the suspect’s phone,” he continued.

The public prosecutor is reportedly also awaiting pertinent information from  Jamaican authorities regarding Cure’s prior convictions.

In an earlier interview with the Jamaica Observer, Kuijpers noted that he has thoroughly interviewed the singer, and is prepared to argue his case.

(Read more at:-  https://www.jamaicaobserver.com/latestnews/Jah_Cure_remanded_until_March_8?profile=1606)

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  1. @Lucian Lowgrade, your lack of understanding is amazing. What I said wasn’t aimed at Jah Cure. Role models/artists/ celebrities don’t force people to follow them, people choose who they want to follow or emulate.

  2. Nice songs, stolen from a Lucian woman, talks all love and light then goes down the violence and drugs path – he aint no role model he is a piece of trash.

  3. All these criminals portraying themselves as artists…. Lock them all up…. Fake reggae singers….. Bob must be turning…….

  4. If he had Done the Legal thing Hire a Lawyer to take legal action against the Thief Promoter He would not be arrested and Remanded at the Prison Facality

  5. Cure again? Most likely he thought with his fame he would of get away with it. Not to mention when he got knocked out in the Bahamas for rolling on a guy’s wife and the two girls he paid flights for from the US and one didn’t want to perform oral sex on him and he threatened her

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