Jamaica: 10 school children injured in crash

Jamaica Observer:-FALMOUTH, Trelawny — The 10 students who were injured in a motor vehicle collision in Trelawny yesterday morning have been transferred from Falmouth Hospital to other hospitals for treatment, head of the Trelawny Police Division Superintendent Clive Blair has revealed.

Nine of the 10 students, who attend infant and primary schools, were transferred to Cornwall Regional Hospital while the other student was transferred to the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

The drivers of the two motor cars involved in the crash were also seriously hurt and have been hospitalised.

Reports from the police are that shortly before 8:00 am, a Toyota Camry motor car, which had the 10 students on board, was travelling along the Martha Brae main road towards Falmouth when it collided with another Toyota motor vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

The drivers, who were trapped and had to be cut from their mangled vehicles by members of the Falmouth Fire Department, and the students were all rushed to hospital.

In the wake of the crash, Superintendent Blair warned that, in the coming weeks, the police will be adopting a zero-tolerance approach towards motorists who overload their vehicles and commit other traffic breaches.

“The overloading (of motor vehicles) is another issue because there were 10 students and basically that car is licensed to carry five people: The driver, plus four,” Superintendent Blair stated.

He was also critical of parents who allow their children to travel in privately owned motor vehicles that are illegally operating as taxis.

“The parents who allow their children to go into ‘robot’ taxis should be aware that it is wrong, because in the case of an accident, they will not be able to get any compensation if they sustain any injuries. It is a privately owned vehicle; it can’t be used as a public passenger vehicle,” he said.

Members of the traffic department at the Falmouth Police Station are investigating.