Jamaica Attorney Disbarred Over $10M Transfer

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WELL-KNOWN ATTORNEY-at-law Anthony Pearson has been struck off the list of lawyers authorised to practise in Jamaica over an accusation that he failed to return nearly $10 million to a financial institution that had inadvertently deposited the money into his account.

The General Legal Council (GLC) confirmed on Tuesday that a three-member disciplinary panel ordered on June 18 that Pearson be disbarred.

The GLC is the body established to police the legal profession in Jamaica.

In a last-minute bid to retain his licence, Pearson reportedly filed an application with the GLC seeking to have the decision of the disciplinary panel put on hold.

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The application was refused this afternoon.

He was found guilty of professional misconduct on October 12 last year, the GLC confirmed.

Pearson is the latest in a string of well-known attorneys who have been disbarred in recent years.

Others include Harold Brady, Jennifer Messado, and Miguel Lorne.

According to the complaint lodged with the GLC, Pearson represented a client in the purchase of a house through Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS).

It is reported that VMBS deposited just over $13 million into the attorney’s account, $9.9 million more than was required to complete the transaction.

Despite several requests, the money has not been returned to VMBS, according to the complaint.

Since the start of the year, three attorneys have been struck from the list of lawyers authorised to practise in Jamaica. Four others have been found guilty of professional misconduct.

Among the attorneys struck off this year is Howard Lettman, who was ordered disbarred three times.

A total of seven attorneys were disbarred last year.

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