Jamaica Cops Placed On Interdiction After Man Wanted In Saint Lucia Escapes

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The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) placed three officers on interdiction after Orville Purnell, awaiting extradition to Saint Lucia to face the courts on a murder charge, escaped.

According to Jamaica media, the three officers were on duty last week when Purnell, 27, escaped from the Central Police station in Kingston and remained on the run.

Jamaica Observer had reported that the wanted man made an offer of $3 million to police personnel and inmates at Kingston Central Police Station to assist in his escape from custody.

But the publication said that came after he forked out $50,000 to inmates who were able to convince their cronies to throw cutting implements inside the yard of the police lock-up so that he could cut his way out of the jail.

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Purnell escaped from Saint Lucia in 2020 while awaiting a murder trial and fled to Jamaica.

According to a statement from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), at the time of his escape from the Babonneau police station, Purnell was in a cell with four other prisoners and sawed the bars to get out.

The RSLPF launched a probe into the escape, but a senior officer told St Lucia Times on Tuesday that the investigation was ongoing.

After he escaped custody at the Babonneau police station here, Purnell fled to his native Jamaica, where police recaptured him on July 14 this year, but he escaped last week.

Saint Lucia police had charged Purnell for the murder of Cleus Alfred of Ravine Macock at Trouya on August 25, 2020.

Alfred’s body was discovered in a pool of blood on the road at Trouya after residents reported hearing the sound of gunshots.


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  1. The love money is the root of all evil. Some folk will sell their soul and their household for $$$$$$$$$ without regard for pay back. When you deal with murderers/bandits you too become a target because you are forever indebted to them and they know who you are, members of your household and also where you live.

    Your poor family members may get caught up and be murdered because of your acceptance of a bribe. On some occasions, the family members may or may not be aware of the bribery ($$$$$$$$$$) which the BAD COP is involved in.

    As my grand mother used to say “eat little and live long” – it does not pay to gain the whole world and lose your SOUL – it’s a DANGEROUS PRACTICE TO ACCEPT BRIBE and ill gotten gains from unethical individuals. In addition, it is BLOOD MONEY and accepting it will cause you and your household to be CURSED.

  2. @Peckerhead you meant 62 minus 60. He bribe members of the SLUPF (F) the “Royal” independence around the corner and since 79 not even a baby step from “Massa” we can take..out of jail, but due to the hatred of some for Jamaicans Jamaican Police are the most corrupt. I would go as far to say any officer of SLUPF would take up his offer of ECD $3million to fly the gate. No officer high or lower rank not seeing that amount of money been 10yrs on the in force Gray balls journalist would take one million to facilitate his escape.

  3. The oath that some police officers took ‘to protect and serve’ their country, is this how it is done by aiding a murderer to escape while in custody.

  4. Jamaican police officers are among the most corrupt in the world. They can easily be bribed. To recapture this man and bring him in to face justice is like looking for a common pin in a very dense forest.

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