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Jamaica: Firing squad urged for murderers

Jamaica Observer:-The head of the Accompong Maroons in St Elizabeth wants convicted murderers to be place before a firing squad and shot within seven days of their conviction.

Colonel Fearon Williams, who on Friday stated his interest in becoming the next commissioner of police, said that if he is given the job, he knew how to make the “entire country a replica of Accompong Town — the safest place in the island”.

Williams was addressing the Maroon Festival to mark the 279th anniversary of the signing of the January 6 Maroon Peace Treaty in Accompong Town.

Williams told Minister of Security, Robert Montague that if he was given the job, he knew just how to make the entire county a replica of Accompong Town — the safest place on the island.

“Since the signing of the peace treaty there has only been one murder here. Right now I am not speaking as the colonel, I am speaking as Fearon Williams — from my heart. I heard you on the TV the other day and Sir, you fell short and these are my words,” he stated in a direct reference to Minister of National Security Robert Montague, who was in attendance.

“Sir, whenever time gunmen, gunwomen, gun boys and gun babies are caught they should not be hanged because hanging is barbaric. What should happen is they should be placed between the firing squad within seven days,” Williams said.

“Sir, you might want to say maybe they’re innocent ones there, but show me your company and I’ll show you who you are. I am soliciting work now. The last five years I was the best shot in Area One that comprises of St James, Hanover, Westmoreland and St Elizabeth. So, the relatives of these persons caught with firearms need not fret that they are going to pay too much because I guarantee they will only be charged for one round. I will see that only one round is put in that person who is caught if you give me that work,” he said.

Though Williams’ comments garnered much laughter from those listening, including the Maroon community, he urged those listening and Montague to “give it a try for a short period and see what happens”.

Moreover, Williams lauded Montague for his bravery — a symbol of the maroons, but encouraged him to take his suggestion to Cabinet so that honest citizens can stop living as prisoners.

“Gone are the days when prisoners are behind bars; it is the hardworking honest citizens of this county who are behind bars. They are the ones who have to be locked up behind bars as evening comes, they are the ones who cannot walk, who cannot even have their things before the criminals come and take it and even threaten you too. Mr Minister, go to the Cabinet. Not a bag a mouth, action we need now. I know you are no weakling,” he said.

Montague, however, invited the colonel to have a meeting next week to have further discussions and put plans in place to ensure Accompong Town remains peaceful and safe.

He said: “The nation is confronted with a crime problem and some people scream out and ask when we are going to solve it. We never got there overnight and we certainly will not walk away from where we are overnight. There is no magic wand or silver bullet. It is going to take concerted effort and political will of all the people coming together in unity and solving the problem. I know you have the safest place in the country but I don’t want to wait until we have a problem, so I want to sit down with you next week. Mi wi fit in a discussion and say how to get a little police post up here so we can keep the place peaceful and keep it safe.”

Montague maintained that the Government of Jamaica has heard the cries of all citizens and there will be no hiding place for any criminal.

He said that whether Jamaicans are on the side of good or evil, they must support the police.


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