Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Jamaica Hospital Accused Of Breaking Baby’s Collarbone

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A woman who recently gave birth at the Annotto Bay Hospital in St Mary is accusing medical staff of breaking her newborn’s collarbone during delivery. Monique Sutherland, 25, is threatening to file a lawsuit against the hospital .

“I have been in two meetings with them and all they did was apologised. They also told me that they went over my file and they didn’t see where I had any issue with delivery and that incidents like that don’t happen at their hospital. They are making it seem like I am the one who did break my baby’s collarbone and I know I didn’t. I am certain of that,” she said.

Sutherland, who lives in Windsor Castle, Portland, said she had a normal delivery on May 8, and was discharged the following day with her son, Dakare Dawkins.

“When we got home, I realized he was crying a lot but I thought he was just being fussy because him just born. I didn’t know he was in pain. He would cry, especially when I hold his right hand, but I didn’t take it for anything About a week after I gave birth I was playing with him and when he turned his head to the left and that’s when I saw a swelling in his neck. When I touched it, I could feel a bone sticking up,” she said.

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She told THE WEEKEND STAR that she took the infant back to the Annotto Bay Hospital two days later, and she was told that the baby’s collarbone was broken.

“It was a Saturday when I saw the swelling so I took the baby the Monday. After they did the tests and examination they started to ask me a lot of questions like I was the one who did something to the baby. One of the doctors even asked if I had put my baby on the ground and if he had gotten a fall. I know for a fact that the baby didn’t drop or anything. The baby always on the bed,” she said.

Dr Patrick Wheatle, regional director of North East Regional Health Authority, which is responsible for the operation and management of health services within St. Ann, St Mary and Portland said he has requested a report on the matter.

“The facility has been in communication with the mother and we are awaiting the results from the facility. We are here to serve the public so we acknowledge the complaint and is waiting on the reports,” he said.

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton, in a tweet, said that he too has requested a report.

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