Thursday, October 17, 2019

Jamaica: Kissing allegedly sparks fight at police station

Jamaica Observer:-  A woman appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week accused of attacking the father of her two children with a scissors at a police station in downtown Kingston after she saw him kissing his wife.

According to Lisa Brown, she had gone to the Denham Town Police Station on November 9 to seek help following a dispute she had with the father of her children when she allowed her anger to get the better of her and lashed out at the complainant.

However, she denied that the attack was a result of seeing him kissing his wife.

Brown, after pleading guilty to assault at common law on Friday when she appeared before Chief Parish Judge Chester Crooks, explained that the incident occurred after the complainant refused to help her with their two- and three-year-old daughters, who were sick.

“Mr Lewis is the father of my two kids and he got married and has refused to take care of them,” she said. “Mr Lewis failed to help me, so mi tek matters in my own hand.”

According to Brown, both her children took ill and one of them was even vomiting at school. She said she tried to contact their father but he refused to respond.

As a result, Brown said she went looking for him, and when she found him they got into an argument, which was on the verge of becoming physical so she went for help at the police station.

“Mi know when him see him frien’ dem him waan hype up himself and fire lick, and a so mi carry the scissors,” she said.

But Brown said she had forgotten about the weapon when she went to the station.

The complainant, she said, arrived at the station afterwards and started telling “lies”.

Brown told the Court that while she was leaving, she saw him on the corridor and he was looking at her and laughing, as if to say he had gotten away with telling lies on her and she snapped.

Brown also told the Court that she has a pending matter in relation to maintenance for her daughters with the complainant in the Family Court.

Following her guilty plea and explanation, a sentencing date was scheduled for February 18, 2019 and a social enquiry report was ordered.

But before her bail was extended, Judge Crooks scolded Brown for her behaviour, which he said showed that she had no respect for the law.

“When I first heard of what you did at the police station, I thought of giving you a short term or asking you to pay a fine, but that would not benefit you or your children,” he said, then told her that she needs to fix her anger problems.

He advised Brown and the complainant to find an intermediary to collect the money for the children or to set up a bank account. The judge also warned them to stay away from each other.



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