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Jamaica Minister Says West Indies Cricket In Danger

Jamaica’s Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Olivia Grange, has  declared that it is urgent for all stakeholders in West Indies cricket to come together to protect “the people’s game.”

As reported by the Jamaica Observer, Grange compared West Indies cricket to an element of cultural heritage that is in danger and in need of protection.

The Observer quoted the minister as saying that  she was concerned about regional cricket following a string of poor performances by the West Indies team, including the recent poor performance against Bangladesh.

However the minister made it clear that she is a lifelong supporter of West Indies cricket.

“I cannot think of a reason to ever withdraw my support from the West Indies. The Windies represent us. They are a part of who we are. They are a part of me. So you know exactly how I feel when I saw the recent results against Bangladesh,” said Grange.

Bangladesh completed a series sweep against the West Indies in the recent two-Test series — each time defeating the Windies within three days.

The Observer reported that Grange drew a contrast between the performance of the current men’s team and the women’s team.

“Why do the women look so good — even without adequate support? And why aren’t the men doing better? Is it leadership? Is it talent? Is it commitment?” Grange questioned.

West Indies women went to the semi-finals before falling to the eventual champions Australia in the recent T-20 World Cup.

Grange made the comment at the St Catherine Cricket Association Awards Ceremony where she expressed satisfaction that the local cricket programme “was at a good place”, the Observer said.



  1. iI will never stop supporting our boys, but have stopped looking on. I just cant fathom what i see. I am an ex cricketer who went as far as representing my island and what i see, is not what i was coached or know. Our cricket is in trouble at all levels and i think we need to take a step back and look in. I also think that the administrators are on a joy ride and they do not have the game at heart. Take the Darren Sammy issue. This young man is full of life and cricket in him, but yet he is home looking on! Dwayne Bravo, has a lot of cricket to offer still, yet he has to retire. My God, let those who love cricket and has excelled in the game handle the game and players, and allow the academics to handle the administrative part of it. We do have talent, lets use that with the resources available and get the square pegs out of the round holes. Lets get it right. Our cricket is at its rock bottom, and the world is laughing at up. IT IS HURTFUL AND SHAMEFUL.

  2. I truly agree with you sir I love the game so much that I know they are messing up you cànt find a player to be a consistent

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