Jamaica police destroy counterfeit goods

Prensa Latina:-Jamaican police destroyed a $15 million-cargo of counterfeit goods as investigators ramp up their offensive against goods trafficking and criminal gangs in Jamaica, The Gleaner newspaper reported.

Among the goods destroyed by agents of the the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Division (C-TOC) include CDs, rum, DVDs, computers, handbags, clothes and shoes and counterfeit footwear.

The goods were put on display by the Assistant Police Commissioner, Clifford Chambers, at his Kingston offices, and then loaded into trucks and taken to the capital dumping ground for destruction.

Clifford Chambers reported that 32 people were prosecuted in relation to the seizures of the goods disposed.

The Assistant Commissioner described the enforcement of intellectual property crimes as dangerous enough due to the direct link of these criminals with organized crime.

Criminal gangs are using the same networks of drug trafficking, weapons and ammunition to move and market these goods nationwide, the official said.

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