Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Jamaica: Probe Launched Into Cops With Guns In Wedding Photo

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MONTEGO BAY, St James — Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifford Chambers says a high-level investigation that has been launched into the conduct of a newly-wed couple seen in a photo toting firearms will be widened to include other people in the photo.

In the photo, a bride and a groom were seen kissing while brandishing an assault rifle and a handgun during a wedding reception in St James, which reportedly took place over the weekend.

In the photo, men could be seen in what appears to be police uniforms and vests marked ‘Police’.

Chambers confirmed that the bride and groom are “active serving members of the JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force)”.

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“… [Other] persons [in photo] are in uniforms designated for district constable uniform, which was clearly discernible, based on the picture. So the probe will also include them as well,” said Chambers in relation to an internal probe that has been launched.

“For now, an internal probe is on, and at the end of it I am certain that from the evidence that presents itself, a decision will be made within the context of the JCF protocols that govern the conduct of members,” Chambers told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

He said that once a breach of internal protocols has been clearly identified, the appropriate punishment will follow.

“As it is right now, the nature of the action is being investigated and it is at the end that the breach will be examined and the appropriate action taken,” said Chambers, adding that a range of actions could be taken to include reprimand or possible dismissal.

He declined to disclose the ranks of the couple.

“I do not wan to bring this down to a rank, because the same characteristics that govern an inspector, the same thing governs a corporal [and] a sergeant. With certain office comes certain authority, but the basic characteristics remain the same, irrespective of the rank of that person. So I just want to say that they are both serving members of the JCF and treated that way without any distinction,” Chambers said.

The Observer was unable to ascertain the parishes and stations to which the two are assigned.

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