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Jamaica: Rat walks on KFC menu board in viral video

(Jamaica Star) Dozens of persons ran from a KFC restaurant on Sunday after a rat ran across the menu board, just as hungry persons were preparing to collect their favorite pieces of chicken.

In a video (shown below) circulating online, an employee at the fast food chain, apparently startled by the rat’s presence, quickly grabbed a broom and took a swipe at the rodent.

Rat🐀 seen walking in KFC and one of the works try to remove the rat😂😂😂

Rat🐀 seen walking in KFC and one of the works try to remove the rat😂😂😂

Posted by Jamiaca Tory on Monday, December 30, 2019

The video does not show clearly where the rat landed.

A large number of persons exited the facility, while expressing disgust and shock at what was taking place.


Restaurants of Jamaica (ROJ), the operators of KFC, yesterday expressed regret at the situation even as it claims to be “serving the best products of the highest quality to our customers.”

“This incident is absolutely in no way an indicator of the usual high standards and procedures which are held throughout the ROJ group,” Andrei Roper, brand manager for KFC, said in a statement.

According to Roper, Sunday’s occurrence was “highly unusual, unfortunate and isolated”. He said that quality assurance and operation teams have since carried out “comprehensive inspections and sanitisation of the restaurant involved”.

“In addition, the necessary inspections by local independent third-party authorities are being carried out to ensure that we continue to be fully in compliance with the requisite standards,” he said.


  1. Dat rat is very smart knowing that 2020 has arrived and was just promoting a latest kFC ad…yes ppl,s kFC do comes with rat pee and droppings….think of it you love KFC so much why wudn you think the infectious rats love it to.

  2. Rat love KFC and have good life there but would be in the pot at Chinese restaurant.

  3. Firstly, that is a mouse not a rat. Secondly that is a brave woman because I would have been over the counter. LOL!!

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