Jamaica: Three ‘Death Squad’ Cops Freed Of Murder Charges

THE three police officers who were  in a so-called ‘Death Squad’ trial have been freed in Jamaica’s Home District Court, local reports say.

The officers were bring tried for the murder of a man in May Pen, Clarendon, eight years ago.

Jamaica Observer identified the trio as Detective Corporal Kevin Adams, District Constable Howard Brown and Constable Carl Bucknor.

They were accused of the death of Andrew Bisson, it was reported.

According to the Observer, the cops were freed after the lead prosecutor, Queen’s Counsel Caroline Hay, offered no further evidence in the case.

This following a ruling from Chief Justice Bryan Sykes that he would not allow three statements given by the Crown’s key witness to be adduced into evidence.

The witness, who is now dead, is said to have been outside the one-room house when Bisson was shot and killed on September 5, 2011.

Hay, in offering no further evidence, said that based on what had transpired the prosecution would be unable to negate the defence’s position of self-defence.

Consequently, Constable Bucknor and District Constable Brown left the court in high spirits while Adams, who is charged in three other murder matters, and has been in custody now for five years, was remanded until January 17, when a bail application will be made for him, the Observer reported.