Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Jamaica To Attain Full Independence. PM Says: “We’re Moving On!”

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Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness used the occasion of a courtesy visit Tuesday by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to signal his country’s independence aspirations.

Citing unresolved issues, the Jamaica leader asserted that the presence of the Royal visitors was an opportunity to place those issues in context and put them ‘front and centre’, and address them in the best way.

He said Jamaica is a country very proud of its history and what it has achieved.

“We are moving on,” Holness declared, adding that the Jamaican people intend to “fulfill our true ambitions and destiny as an independent, developed, prosperous country.”

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Britain ruled Jamaica for more than 300 years.

Under British rule, hundreds of thousands of enslaved Africans toiled the land under brutal conditions.

Jamaica gained its independence in August 1962 but remained within the British commonwealth.

The Island’s announcement of its intention to gain complete independence came as other Caribbean countries considered cutting ties with the British monarchy.

In November last year, Barbados officially removed Queen Elizabeth as its Head of State, becoming the world’s newest republic.


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  1. Gwan Jamaica move on of course. You don’t get financial help from Great Britain, you just have the Queen has head of State move on. It’s the same thing here these jackasses act like England giving us any support we get nothing except tourist. They think is war break out England will run to our rescue, yeah right they will run to us for manpower that’s it. People talking about your “crime issue” what does have to do with anything ??? England does not assist you with that either so what’s the point. For those who refuse to leave England I ask them one question what are we getting from England ??

  2. However, Jamaica is no where near fixing it’s crime issue and was ranked 44/100 in corruption the lower the worse it gets. Jamaica still has alot to work on because becoming independant could leave alot of Jamaicans in poverty left behind.

  3. i agree cause these people not doing anything for the country all they did was enslave our ancestors for their financial gain

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