Jamaican Curfew Breaker Faces Deportation From Barbados

A Jamaican woman has become the first person to be charged in Barbados with violating a curfew imposed in the battle against the spread of COVID-19, local reports say.

The woman was identified as Christean Bridgette Beacon, 23.

According to Barbados Nation, Beacon has ‘no fixed place of abode.’

The Jamaican national appeared in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court charged with remaining outdoors along Government Hill, St Michael, without a reasonable explanation, between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. on March 30.

She pleaded guilty and was remanded to HMP Dodds until April 29, pending deportation to Jamaica.

However, if Jamaica’s closed borders prevent her deportation, she will reappear in the District D Court on April 29, Barbados Nation reported.

Beacon tilted her head and appeared to flash a smile as she was escorted by the police.

Up to March 31, Barbados had recorded 34 cases of COVID-19.

From 8.00 pm On Saturday, March 28, Barbados residents have been under an 8.00 pm to 6.00 am curfew.

The curfew ends on April 15.

Essential service providers including police, firefighters, utility workers, paramedics and media practitioners are exempt.


    • I am not bashing anybody when our own St Lucians are doing the same stupid thing. Last night people were still moving around having roast going and buy chicken and bake and phone cards, cigarettes, and liquor from peoples yard. They are not using the main thoroughfares they are using the concrete short cuts to move around V-Fort all by the degunge the people passing to move around. Fellows in Bruceville still siting and hanging out on the walls when they see police vehicle approaching they just jumping off and go hide behind the galvanized fence until they pass. It’s a uphill battle before things get any better they are going to get a lot worse.

  1. Even in times like thesd people will stop at nothing to fight against Jamaicans and didcredit us
    Is the incid really news worthy?

  2. In times like these, our brothers are still fighting and looking for every oppurnity to discredit Jamaicans.
    On a scale of 1-10, how important is this occurrence to be making news headline?

    Ignorance and no love!

  3. In a time such as these you cannot even spell your own damn name, are you for real? Always the illiterate ones trying to leave Tiverley Gardens and Spanish Town go ah farrin go cause us embarrassment.

  4. look people jamaican jamaica is the top country or was jamaica got ellectricty even before new york city but u know wat them dirty dog pollitation in jamaica causing the rest of carebbian country to look down on jamaican just because of our thieffing pollitics leaders sold out the country every thing in jamaica they **** it up wit dirty politics wen jamaican go to other country we are look up on like aqutters its not our fault y jamaica mash up JLP **** up one side P N P **** up the other **** u jlp **** u pnp u sold us out the


    • Ikr. People will quickly use their own stupidly and lack of knowledge as a reason to hate on others.
      Where is she supposed to go if she has nowhere to stay, smh. I can ignore when other Caribbean countries pick at us, but when we pick on our own and try to kick dirt on them for something as simple as being on the streets because that’s all u have, I just find them sick and not worthy of so many things. I pray they experience what this girl is feeling one day and I pray she shows some compassion proving she is not like them

  6. No its not, not because I’m a bajan but if its a curfew its a curfew she has no right on the road and then to that smiling on camers we trying to keep our country safe if she was in Jamaica and a curfew implied she would of had to adhere to it or been charged same way . It has nothing to do with discrimination

    • Nah mon bage!..this is very noncompassionate and inhumane,who knows the smile is from she being very embarrass and has no alternative,she,s very young,obviously she didn’t have a place of comfort as every other border is shut down and she didn’t even have the option of repatriating….do not tell me that Barbados has zero homeless of their own!..very selfish and undesired behaviour from their authorities….look pon har face is yuh owna black sista…the precise point is she didn’t have a fix adress so hence the reason for her breaking curfew,she didn’t deliberately found herself on the street in such a time….the best the bajan authorities could have done is take her in some quarantine location and cater for her basic essential which would be food and shelter and not arrest her making regional headlines putting shame on her as a very young woman…..very distasteful behavior from our fellow Barbados authorities….GOD IS WATCHING YOU BARBADOS!

      • Hey Mr. John Public. Barbados has shown sooo much compassion to Jamaicans and many other Caribbean people over many years. We are taking care of 35 stranded Trini’s because they did the right thing. This young lady could have gone to a police station and reported her condition and things would’ve been different. You don’t just flaunt the law because you’re a young BLACK Jamaican woman. Rules are meant to be followed especially in times when your very existence could be in danger, but your kind of Jamaican don’t adhere too much to following rules.

      • Yeh i bet y’all did when y’all had to compensate this other jamaican chic shanick myrie thousands of dollars for discriminating and cavity searching her for no good reason..yaawwnnnn!

  7. Barbadians are very prejudiced, That’s not nice!!! Had that same experience while attending school there. I’m not a Jamaican but that was my experience.

    • There’s a curfew in place for everybody in Barbados no matter where you’re from or what colour you are. What would you have done Mary? Break the law and then say we are prejudice or find a sensible alternative?

      • They are a terrible set of people. I had my share of experience with them on a bus excursion. 95% of the riders were basians and they were very nasty to my friend and I the two Jamaicans.

  8. So true, no love at all black people wake up and look at each other we are all one people one nation of people’s it is time we realized that we all come from the same world and sop thinking we are different we are not we are one.

  9. Keep it local, the situation is under the control of the authorities, no need to further blemish the young woman’s dignity whether she is a visitor or a local citizen.

  10. “No fixed place of abode” means someone with a home or place of residence(homeless).some y’all need to learn to comprehend a sentence

  11. A person of no fixed abode is homeless and effectively live on the streets. If she has no home to go to where do you expect her to stay?

  12. I am still reading to see where it says she lived at so and so address and was breaking the law.
    I can not see that information so I take it she had no choice but to hand herself over or sleep on the street.

    Before we condemn her remember not everyone in the same position, here in London England lots of homeless people. The good thing about the virus 🦠 is that the government proposed to house all homeless people. So don’t be too quick to be harsh l.

  13. It’s news worthy as here in Jamaica persons are being charged for the very same and it makes news. We have no respect for authority or others as the curfew is in an effort to contain the spread of covid 19. So yes exposed and punishment them.

    • @ nessa,They always say a black(man) jamaican is a black(man) jamaican worst enemy…you proved that right here!..i’m betting you weren’t talking about homeless jamaicans that were breaking curfew..

      • I’m sure when she entered Barbados she gave immigration officials an address and they believed her. I don’t think she’s in Barbados illegally, if she no longer has a place to live as soon as the curfew was put in place she needed to go to the police or fire service and and plead for help. Having not done this she placed herself in danger. You all should be thankful it was the police that found her and not someone that could have caused her a whole lot of other problems. She wasn’t placed before the courts because she’s black as you John public and others would have us believe. It is because she was found loitering outside of the curfew time. What is wrong with that?

      • You can always expect such behavior from inexperience immigrants,it’s called fear and ignorance of law ….im not saying is an excuse but you should try doing a statistic on how many YOUNG barbadians or even caribbean nationals that have found themselves in similar situations in metropolitan countries like canada,US and Uk,most of dem react on impulse of fear…for one if they not hardcore criminals they don’t publicize their detainment and removal to the rest of the world..now what else are you gonna tell me…lemmi make note…imma born and bred LUCIAN!

  14. You know what?..in these day and age when compassionate persons on social media see those type of inhumane treatment unto unfortunate persons they feel very heartbroken and set up internet funds to make them a better lifestyle….i wish in god,s name someone set one up for her and she accumulates hundreds of thousands…god bless you sweety,..regardless if u were a street worker!

  15. The article says no fixed abode so it’s not necessarily as straightforward as ignoring a curfew smh. Course for those who have a choice and choose to ignore the law there should be punishment but this article doesn’t give enough information. Until then let’s not judge..

  16. My heart goes out to her. But one thing she could and should have done is go to the police and let them know that she has no where to going during the time of the curfew. In times like these we need to help where we can. God is able to do any and every thing. Only trust him.

  17. Dumb ass that’s an computer error…look at the first comment…his name was spell right…

  18. Obviously people don’t read with understanding they are just quick to judge it says she has(no fixed abode )that means she doesn’t live anywhere so that’s why she was outside.

    • So that should have been understandable to the authorities. They just always want us to look bad

  19. I can’t believe that he or she is been so judgemental when he or she can’t spell tivoli garden themself….

    • Deportation because she has no place to live, no family and no knowledge of anyone that will care for her. This may not have made her illegal but it surely places her in a better position than living on the streets in a strange land. She may be much safer in her homeland.

    • That is nonsense that Bajans don’t care about other people isn’t deportation better than being homeless in Barbados don’t she have family in Jamaica isn’t that what America do to illegals

  20. Come on guys stop all this bitching and downgrading we should be supporting each other, one people one colour one nation, do you think other races would air their dirty laundry in public, what do you think they are doing right now reading all your comments. Laughing their heads off because niggers dont stick together,we should be uniting and helping each other not fighting against each other you should all be ashamed so should the Bejans are they not black too.

  21. In times like these the last time i check Ochio Rios Jamaica is far better than all of Barbados , what the hell are you doing there young lady are you crazy ? get your butt back into sweet Jamaica, you crazy little little woman you.

    • So mi seh Larry B. Why leave your country to go to another to suffer. It’s better you stay home and suffer there

  22. Please don’t take offence at what has happened this is not about nationality the public need to know this is serious. I live in England and we didn’t take it seriously initially. I feel ill with Covid and ended up going to hospital in an ambulance. I am recovering now and back home. There are good people who weren’t as lucky as me who i could hear in the Covid isolation ward that are suffering and in pain and some of them won’t be leaving that hospital alive. Please if not for your sake. Do it for your family and believe what you are being told on this Virus it is no joke. keep them safe .

  23. C’mon, Bro ! Wi need fi start follow instructions. Public safety is paramount at this time. Lives Matter.

  24. I think she needs to go back home to Jamaica,especially if she really has no place of abode.Not to bash Barbados but I cant see how life is any better there than Jamaica.Girl go home. No place like home especially sweet Jamaica.

  25. I hope that the Jamaican border will open soon and she will be able to come home. May God protect and guide her as she deals with this situation. “For with God nothing shall be impossible”. Luke 1 :37. In John 14:18 He promised never to leave us comfortless and would come to us. Lord may you be glorified in this situation. Continue to strengtheñ and uphold Christean with your mighty right hand. Selah

  26. I understand it has nothing to do with discrimination. Her behavior has nothing to do with where she is or where she is from. Either she is homeless, as some people say, or she decided she is better than following the rules aka hot head. People are acting like she is the only one making Jamaica “look bad” but look pan di man weh dis andrew an disobey the curfew in Jamaica. That’s a million times worse. But in all fairness she guh a ppl country an nuh wah follow rules wen not even di Barbadians nuh break it. It muss reach di headlines. An nuh country nah discredit wi…a we a dicredit wiself.

  27. I must imagine that lady is terribly desperate to seek refuge there. Based on what I hear Jamaica is a much better place to be right now. How can you even practice social distancing there?

  28. Do the Barbados government try to help her ?she got arrested now she’s in trouble,you’re doing fine Barbados today for you tomorrow for me,love thy neighbor as thy self.

  29. Instead of just having the poor woman parading like this just help her out in this time of uncertainty. She must have been staying somewhere and they put her out, with everybody closing their borders just show some gesture of humanity and help her out REGARDLESS. This does not look good for the Bjan Government in this atmosphere, not a good look.

  30. United we stand decided we fall and if our back should ever be against the wall we ‘ll be together one and all come up up in the outer world and get some experience just saying.

  31. I have read all ur comments,,shame on some of u ,,,,God created 0ne nation one race,,the human race ,,we should all come together and help that young lady ,,stop bashing her ,think if she was ur sister mother auntie neice ,,she is someone child ,,inspite she in another country.
    I agree with John public ,,I was told that bejans dont like Jamaicans and they r races but we should all know that through Adam and Eve comes all of us ,,black or white.
    Did the police woman gave her a chance or even ask her to leave the street ?
    In time like now Corona killing off everyone ,Corona has no respect for anyone , shame on Barbados government and press. That police woman who have arrested that young lady show go ask God for forgiveness and to have mercy on her.
    We have alot of homeless people here in the uk and the government gave them temporary home during this deadly virus and fine time to shame and discriminate this young lady,, Barbados pay as God for mercy..shame on u.

  32. This is a time for all of us to act on the slogan… Black lifes Matter..only us as black are making comments on something so silly.. help and save each other before we become EXTINCT…one love brother,s and Sister’s…

  33. Amen my brother, the feeling is mutual. Even more so since Jamaica beçause independent, it gotten WORST! These Islands and it’s Nationals ALWAYS sees themselves better than JAMAICANS; unless the see where they can use them for economical Purposes. I noticed that even in England they acted the same… This I noticed though, Jamaicans for the most part don’t know their worths, p stand up for the Original pride and dignity we were breaded on!
    Often letting down our foundation and thoseJamaican stalwart of past and present….

    We’ve been first in many great ways and inventions… Don’t make ALITTLE Challenges here and they break us and divine us .. If this young woman is homeless, I guess she got there to try improve her life? Are we sooo heartless that anothe Jamaican/s could not help her out over this challenging virus time. I am Soo ashamed…


    WE were brought up not HAUL- UP like some of these island people POINTING FINGERS…

    THE TWO BEST FEMALE ENGINEERS AT NASA where Jamaican.. remember:

    TECHIES 2019
    Dr. Claire Nelson is a Futurist, Sustainability Engineer, Social Entrepreneur and Storyteller. As the only Black woman in her engineering classes at University of Buffalo and Purdue University, Dr. Nelson broke through barriers of gender and race to become the first woman engineer hired at the Inter-American Development Bank in 1981 and the first Jamaican woman to earn a Doctorate in an Engineering Discipline in 1989. She also became a pioneer in transforming the dialogue in inequity for Blacks in Latin America and for the voice of the Caribbean American community. For her leadership, she was commended in the US Congressional Record and honored as a White House Champion of Change.

    What’s a challenge you’ve faced and how did you get through it?
    Go here and learn of a little of our greatness my child. Right your wrongs, lift your head high! And JAMAICANS, remember, none of these ISLANDER’S are our friends! When They disrespect one , the meant discrediting us all!!!

    Try reading the following:

    loop goed
    marche bien

  34. Uhhhhmmmm!…Joan murphy…i’m st.lucian and i don’t share the same sentiments…that is precisely my point..this is not a bajan instinct but a black man,s ….this was instill in us from slavery…you not doing any better by insighting segregation among our black selves….did you even read all the comments where even jamaicans took jabs at her!..it,s been too long black ppl we need to unite and rise against this stigma and prejudice against each other…like i say this is not a nation thing but about fortunate and less fortunate,stupid blacks mentality…mind you im mix but i strongly recognise myself as predominantly black…its design for poor blacks to kiss rich blacks ass and fight against other poor blacks…we just poor morally….i’m really thinking is JAH who sent the covid19 and not the chinie as originally confirmed…no life worth more than the other presently…you can be a king or queen…white or black…rich or poor….prejudice or not…smart or stupid….young or old…weak or strong…dumb or blind….north or south…east or west..are you getting it?…there is simply no boundaries…and that’s exactly what god wanted when he created the world….peace and harmony!

  35. I share your sentiments,every opportunity the get to bash us they use it.it wasn’t newsworthy at all .they are a mean and vindictive set of people,jealousy is going to b the death of them.

  36. In times like these u shouldn’t be calling anyone out on illiteracy because the Community it known and recorded on the maps as Tivoli gardens not Tiverly. Always a try to say garrison people are stupid. At least they can know grammar calligraphy and spelling

  37. I do not understand you all. If a person makes a typo they cannot spell or read. If that’s the case You cannot spell either Qwarantyne . Can’t even spell Tivoli.

  38. Who knows, she smiled when sentences, she could have been caught up in human trafficking
    Just saying

  39. It is unfortunate that we chose the minimise this young lady’s situation without knowing anything about her per se. In these time we should be very sympathetic to people in her situation especially since we do not know home may of us will leave ophans behind if COVID 19 really take a toll. I personally view her arrest as a second chance. Probably jail saved her life.


  41. Now of what is going on has nothing to do with law but a money making scheme to rob the people in a new way. You natural rights as man and woman has been stepped on by the very people that are serving us. They work for us all government officials were institutionalized amongst men to respect and protect our natural rights and we never gave them that right to make up public policies (so called laws) as they see fit. The woman is being arrested for a commercial value where she has never signed a contract for compelled performance to stay indoors between 8pm to 6am. Where is the contract? Never plead guilty or ask for plead bargain. The “NAME with SURNAME” accepted in court is already and always consent to the pleading guilty in the statutory court jurisdiction. That magistrate is not a “judge”. If the woman has committed a crime, she is 100% entitled to trial by jury under international laws. The curfew is not for the living man/ woman if so it has to be for every living thing including dogs, cats, rats, etc. are not to be out betwee the curfew hours. Release the woman prison and stop looting her Cestui Que Vie trust.

  42. let me tell you all something barbados don’t like us Jamaicans. my cousin try to visit a bajan national that was in Jamaica a couple months before. when she reach the airport the immigration refuse her entry. with a Caricom Passport and no criminal history. and now she is living in the United States. tell me say the “dutty Johncrow them like we” is what we do them. we produce more people of the highest caliber. Sports, Accademics, Music, etc, etc… in other words don’t try to beat us we are leading by too far….. Peace

  43. Sad to say but true, some of our Caribbean governments, not necessarily the entire people from a particular country Hates Jamaica and Jamaicans to the point of jealousy and envy. I’m Jamaican yes and I have friends, CV lose ones too from all over, not just the Caribbean. Some of my best friends growing up in New York after leaving Jamaica are from Barbados. I say are instead of were because we’re still great friends. However, I’ve had one friend’s father from Guyana verbally abuse us students then because we were Jamaicans and I’ve not forgotten all negative statements he made concerning Jamaica and Jamaicans. Regardless of that his son and us remained friends. Growing up around many of my fellow Caribbean brethren and sistren even while serving in the U.S. military we formed a united bond. Therefore a lot of you are right in some instances and wrong in others. If you really look at it this way, most of our fellow Caribbean family loves us Jamaicans or they wouldn’t all or I should say mostly try to be like us. Actually I cannot recall a Jamaican acting or trying to be like any other Islander.
    With all that said our Jamaican female had no viable residence as clearly stated and did not deserve the treatment she received. No one know the reason as to why that is and it was never clarified that there was any offer from the government of for homeless people. The well known abusive and disrespectful treatment towards Jamaicans by a number of our regional governments in the Caribbean has been well documented which causes us all to believe that it is to deliberately belittle and degrade Jamaica and Jamaicans.
    So again, don’t blame the people, blame the government.
    I must add though that there are too many of my fellow Jamaicans who has brought disgrace on our Island home by their display if arrogance, ignorance and disrespect for any form of authority even when it bebefits them such as a few recent incident showing so-called “bad man” refusing to comply with the request to stay home while ptoudly displaying it on YouTube. How foolish and brainless. I clearly do not believe it was the same with my Jamaican sister and the Barbadian government and media owes her an apology and one to Jamaica also.

  44. It seem to like who ever she Go there to say with put her out as soon as the money she travel with is finish people is so hartless if that is what happen she may be scared and shame i travel to a caribbean island already and the same thing almost happend to me thank god i was smart and have family there when you all travelling for the first time dont run and go spend your money on the first thing you see

  45. I totally agree with you as a fellow Jamaican she do the dam crime pay for it rule are rule. So people has to be fair I dont care if she is a Jamaican obey the rules.

  46. Can we please stop bashing each other . Let us all show love 💕 What we do to help this young lady?

  47. If this woman was homeless, no matter how many curfews you put in place, she would still have no place to go. The officer handled the situation inappropriately. No place of abode means homeless. The officer should have shown a little compassion. It’s been an ingoing thing where Bajans don’t like Jamaicans.One must obey the law of the land, but this was an extenuating circumstance and should have been resolved differently.

  48. Do you all have proof that she is homeless it say no fix Address but it doesnt mean she is homeless think critically, maybe where she live others are there who not suppost to be there and cannot give that address because others theŕe may get DEPORTED too.

  49. As a fellow Jamaican even though I left many many years ago I totally. Agree with you rules are rules.

  50. Hello be careful what you talking about Spanish town a Spanish town me come from and me can read and intelligent..a whole heap a Spanish town people I know are lawyers and doctors even our prime minister is from Spanish town.suh yu better fix up you argument bout Tivoli and Spanish town..out a ouda

  51. The incident of this unfortunate Jamaican young lady being arrested and paraded in front of the bajan press for just being out after curfew hours;probably put out on the streets judging by her looks..this was done deliberately by people inside the government of Barbados in collaboration with bajan media people inside Barbados and Jamaica…

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