Jamaican Students On Saint Lucia Study Tour

Press Release:- A group of students from Jamaica are in Saint Lucia on a study tour of the city of Castries.

The contingent of 44 students and two lecturers are from the Caribbean School of Architecture in Jamaica.

The visit to St. Lucia is part of the requirement towards completion of their Bachelor’s degree.

The findings of the study tour will be presented to architectural students, urban planners and local architects on Thursday February 13th at the CEHI Building at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College at 2:00pm.

The Programme Director for the Caribbean School of Architecture, Andre Baugh says the findings could be useful to city planners in St. Lucia as it identifies unique features of the city, structural issues and suggestions on preservation.


  1. They can’t misidentify the structural issues segment of their work. Yep! That old Voyager building waiting for a calamity. I hope that they don’t go anywhere near that building. It’s a another, “Bodoos, gassa I eh know what happen” in the wings.

  2. This should be a very interesting yet terrifying part of their studies. The electrical grid in Castries alone is terifying. There is no “city plan” but a hodge-podge of buildings with no artistic “plan”. For many years the politicians pay no need to the city planners in their employ, but skip over their heads, or turn a blind eye to the “builders” untrained aesthetics. These Jamaican students will have a field day in Casties. I would love to hear their findings. I know it will fall on deaf ears,.and/or chucked away in someone’s office. Kirpson’s on Bridge Street is another calamity waiting to happen – just like the Adjodha building.

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