Thursday, February 27, 2020

Jean Family Plans Lawsuit Against Apartment Complex Where He was Murdered

The family of Botham Jean plans to file a separate lawsuit against South Side Flats, the apartment complex where  he was fatally shot, the Dallas Morning News says.

The publication quotes Jean family Attorney Lee Merritt as having said Saturday that a confusing layout on the upper floors, coupled with a faulty door mechanism, created circumstances that led to Jean’s death in September 2018.

The 26 year old Saint Lucian was fatally shot by Amber Guyger, then an off duty Dallas police officer.

Guyger claimed she thought Jean’s apartment was hers and he was a burglar.

She was fired from the force, indicted for murder and in October last year sentenced to 10 years in jail.

During Guyger’s trial, an investigator testified that Botham Jean’s door was defective.

“It wouldn’t shut all the way,”  Attorney Lee Merritt said, adding that if the door had shut all the way Amber Guyger would have been unable to enter the young man’s apartment.

Recently, a federal court removed the City of Dallas from from a civil lawsuit filed on behalf of the Jean family.

The lawsuit had argued, among other things,  that better police training could have prevented the death of Botham Jean.

But District Judge Barbara Lynn disagreed, saying the suit failed to prove the city’s liability.

That judgement is being appealed.


  1. Nope. Can’t careless about this any more. And yes I know that was cold so no need to get on your high horses and pedestals.

  2. Shut you all arse …see is not you all family that’s in pain . you all would have done the very same thing . come Lucian ppl . we all know the painful circumstances of the guy death . just keep quiet if you all not supporting the Jean family.

    • OTTO, you think you go get money. No way bear lear lesh. No OTTO. No OTTO. NO. Support the circus all you want. You jacka**

    • If lucians are not supporting is because the family hummilated us ,am speaking on behalf all the people who were foloowing the case ,en finale ,the brother told the judge to reduce the sentence ,and the family saying they forgive ,all that is crap ,HOW MUCH DID THEY PUT IN THE FAMILY BANK ACCOUNT TO DROP THE CASE?now they trying to win another case ,va fait foute,we will not support this family again ,perios

      • Hummiliated us?? Drop the case?? Were you even following the case. See was found guilty and sentenced.

  3. Amazed you are the one who sounds like a fool. The lawyer very much knows what he is doing. You surely do not have any knowledge of how the legal system works but you have the audacity to call someone who is among the top civil right lawyers fighting for justice for the innocent black lives lost a fool. I don’t know about you but this person is certainly not a fool.

  4. This has changed from Justice for Botham to who wants to be a millionaire. Judge ruled that the state of Texas won’t be held liable, therefore you’ll couldn’t sue, now you’ll going behind the owners of the apartment complex.


    • Didn’t u read. They use the fact that she is in prison and the same evidence that they argued about her confusion of the apartment to now show that they argree that the apartment is confusing after she has gone to prison.
      They are suing the complex owner on the grounds that the apartment is confusing. If their case goes through I wish they would over turn the sentence.

  6. now thats some bull****. These lawyer can be called the “best cilil rights lawyer” and they maybe so, but this is a civil tort. Are they any good in this area?
    Already lost one round with the state, now to tackle a housing complex. There is alot that would need to be checked before anything is deemed negligent on the part of the apartment. Did Jean ever compain? What were Botham’s efforts to sercure his door after making complaint if he did so. Even though the officer said the door was fault, what was the fault? When was it caused? Could it have been cause by Jean himself? Did he accept it and was OK with the fault. All these are hard to answer cause he is dead, and without it leaves no negligence on Apartments side.
    This seems to have become a witch hunt and starts to smell bad. It look like someone just wants to get paid. Perhaps its the lawyers. Maybe they signed a “no settlemt no pay” type contract for this work. Or someone closer to home wants to get paid.
    Anyways as Christians I though out God said we have to forgive and forget. Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord.
    All the best to the family but plesae, I am disinterested in all this news reports. It makes no sense anymore.

  7. I feel sorry for this family,but specially for Botham.Human drama cant be described.We knit our own web,we dont realize at times our human errors,we get involved with the wrong people,we take more than what we can handle.We manage to swim across the river of life,and reach a safe shore,others dont make it.Very sad all this,now you picking up the crums,to salvage something.Good luck.

  8. Oh my god they so desperate. It’s not working. Just forget about it and disappear into obscurity. You all already messed by forgiving the woman it’s over. Amber ain’t got no money, the government deny you money and the Owners of apartment complex is laughing at this lawsuit.
    IT’s over sorry.

  9. I agree with you Theo. The contrition started in the courts, let it finish there. I am sure this is that Bo would want. Good and loving guy!

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