Jeannine accuses Ezechiel of sexual assault

Former Micoud North MP, Jeannine Compton-Antoine has accused former Agriculture Minister, Ezechiel Joseph of sexual assault.

Compton-Antoine made the accusation last night while outlining reasons why she left the United Workers Party (UWP).

“Let me tell you about some of the reasons why I resigned and I have never spoken about it except to my husband and a few other people and I am telling you this here tonight because I am tired of people saying that I left and abandoned the people,” the former MP told supporters last night.

Compton-Antoine said she had gone to see then Agriculture Minister, Ezechiel Joseph, about projects in the Micoud North constituency, which is a farming community.

She disclosed that she knew Joseph long before, as they had both attended the same university.

Compton-Antoine said she thought the former Babonneau MP was her friend.

“I am talking to the man and the man is chatting me, so I am wondering what is going on,” she said.

Compton-Antoine said she kept telling Joseph to let them talk about Micoud North, the farmers and the problems they were having.

But she stated that he kept returning to the same topic.

“When I saw that nothing was happening, I said I would leave now,” the former Micoud North MP recounted.

She told supporters that as she got up to leave, Joseph grabbed her.

Compton-Antoine said:

“He tried to take off my shirt and kiss me, and you are telling me that I must stay with people like that?”

She said the alleged sexual assault happened in the Ministry of Agriculture at the government buildings on the Castries Waterfront.

Contacted by the Times for comment, Joseph denied that the incident ever occurred.

He asserted that it never happened.

In addition, the former Agriculture Minister raised questions as to why Compton-Antoine, who has never cited sexual assault as a reason for leaving the UWP, would raise the issue now, several years later.

Joseph also told the Times that he was seeking legal advice on the matter.


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