Saturday, September 24, 2022

Jeremiah Norbert Says Lady Janice Compton Endorsement Worked For Him

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Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate, Jeremiah Norbert, who won the election race in the United Workers Party (UWP) stronghold of Micoud North,  believes an endorsement of his candidacy by Lady Janice Compton, the widow of late Prime Minister, Sir John Compton, had ‘quite a bit of influence’.

Sir John, who represented Micoud North for many years, was also a co-founder of the UWP which suffered a massive election defeat when Saint Lucians went to the polls on Monday.

Jeremiah Norbert thanked Lady Janice Compton for her endorsement and recognition that the UWP had shifted from what it was originally when her late husband led the party.

“I was happy to hear her say that if (Sir John) Compton was alive, he would have been proud of me. I take a lot from that and I am happy. I think this means I am heading in the right direction and I will continue along this direction. This endorsement did work for me,” the Micoud North MP declared.

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“The UWP has moved away from what it used to be,” Norbert observed.

“If Lady Compton can tell you that this is not the UWP of John Compton, then really and truly there’s a problem, so they came to some sort of realisation that this is not the UWP of John Compton and some people I think even stayed home or stayed away from the polls altogether because they did not want to support a UWP that did not promote the philosophy of Sir John Compton” he stated.

Norbert thanked the people of Micoud North for putting their trust in him.

“I would like to assure them that I will not disappoint them and that I will stay with them, I will continue to work with them and for them,” Norbert told reporters.

He recalled that the philosophy of his campaign has been that Micoud does not belong to any particular individual, but to the entire populace of the constituency.

As a result, the MP assured those who sat on the fence and others who did not support him in Monday’s election not to worry because the intention is to care for everyone in the community and not just a few.

Norbert described youth unemployment as an issue that needs immediate attention and disclosed that the matter is on the priority list, along with providing relief to farmers, fishers and others in the community.

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