Jet Ski Rented By Americans Missing At Sea In Barbados Recovered

A jet ski that was rented by an American couple who went missing at sea in Barbados, has been recovered, media reports say.

According to Barbados Today, the French Navy communicated with the Barbados Coast Guard, indicating that a jet ski bearing the registration number of the one that went missing with the Americans on board was spotted off the coast of Guadeloupe.

But there was no sign of the couple.

Oscar Suarez (left) and Magdalena Devil

Oscar Suarez, 32, and Magdalena Devil, 25, went missing on June 24, 2019 resulting in an air and sea search in which Saint Lucia’s Marine Police also participated.

Suarez and Magdalena arrived in Barbados on June 22 for a one-week vacation in Holetown, on the island’s west coast.

Two days later, the couple rented Jet Skis, donned life jackets and set off over Caribbean waters.

They have not been seen since and the search for them has since been called off.



  1. Not a good sign, also if the jet ski didnt hit any thing along its journey it would mean they hit something and it gathered water in its engine…they abandon ship…sad state of affairs

  2. This seems very fishy to me! Why would they go all the way to Guadeloupe? Also, they had only one jet ski, not as reported in your article jet skis.

    • Jet ski can’t make it to Guadeloupe, ocean currents brought it there…this couple got into trouble offshore barbados…what i dont get is that they both were wearing lifejackets, not even a sign of that? One of them fell off.

    • What? Lol. That’s a serious question the f u gonna go from bim 2 Guadeloupe on a jet ski n no extra fuel or guidance

  3. they know what they went down there for jet ski and nothing else hhhhhmm
    they finally release the jet ski
    the jwt ski is very disobedient should not reach so far

  4. I think the couple took “sailing into the sunset” literally! But on a more serious note; I am baffled at all of this. I do not know BDS beaches, but it seems unlikely for a Jetski and 2 adults to have just gone missing for so long. How far out did they really go- gosh! Were they wearing all blue at the time- were their life jackets blue as well? Why tf is your surname ” Devil”? Customs and immigration should have flagged trouble with that name at the airport!!!

    Too many questions


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