Wednesday, October 5, 2022

‘Jim Coco Snow’ Dies At The Age Of 75

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Well known blind Saint Lucian musician Morgan Dupal,  alias ‘Jim Coco Snow’, has died, relatives have confirmed.

He died at the age of 75 Tuesday afternoon in hospital after a brief illness.

His daughter, Martha Griffith told St Lucia Times he had leukemia.

‘Coco’, as most people called him, travelled throughout Saint Lucia performing his original songs.

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Griffith recalled that the acclaimed Saint Lucian musician, Ronald ‘Bo’ Hinkson taught her father to play the guitar.

And ‘Coco’ recorded several of his compositions.

As a result, he would sell  the recordings to interested individuals, Griffith, his only child, recalled.

His childhood friend, Anthony Avril, described ‘Coco’ as a man with a big heart.

Avril, who is the Executive Director of the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association, observed that ‘Coco’ was very independent and determined.

“He refused to surrender to his blindness,” Avril, who is also blind told St Lucia Times.

As a result, he said his long time friend became very much a part of the Saint Lucia and Caribbean landscape.

According to Avril, singing was Dupal’s love.

He recalled that Dupal loved to sing country and western music.

But he also recalled that some people used to ridicule the blind musician and make fun of him.

Nevertheless, Avril said the deceased loved people.

“If he knew anyone was having a problem, in his own way he would sing to them to try to cheer them up,” he observed.

In this regard, Avril said ‘Coco’ would even visit the hospital and try to cheer up patients.

“In his own way he was making his contribution to better the lives of people and lift their spirits,” he stated.

Avril said he and ‘Coco’ grew up together as children in the community of Gadette, Dennery.

However, Avril said that from very early, ‘Coco’ had to fend for himself.

“He was not as fortunate as some, but he never gave in and felt sorry for himself,” he told St Lucia Times.

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