Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Jn Baptiste Speaks On Accusations Of Malpractice In Health Care

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Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste has been addressing the issue of accusations of malpractice in Saint Lucia’s health care sector.

The matter received renewed attention following Facebook allegations by a woman who lost her baby in November 2021.

On Monday, the Millennium Heights Medical Complex (MHMC), the parent company for the OKEU Hospital, issued a statement.

The complex said it was made aware of Ms. Sandy Montoute’s Facebook live video on Saturday, January 29, 2022, wherein she recalls the events leading up to the tragic loss of her baby, Joy.

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In its statement, the MHMC expressed sympathy, indicated a willingness to continue to offer her support, and said it began a full inquiry when Montoute brought the allegations to the attention of the complex.

On Tuesday, Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste told reporters there were several cases in the courts and settlements.

He recalled a wrong leg amputation matter at the OKEU Hospital last year and disclosed there were other cases in the system.

“ What we are hoping is that as we move forward what we need to do is ensure that we have proper monitoring of our quality in our institutions and a lot of work needs to be done,” the Minister stated.

“Right now we do not have all of the structures within our system to do that quality assurance – the monitoring of quality and that is something we are looking to change. But we continue to encourage everyone to believe in our system. We have some of the best medical practitioners anywhere but there are a lot of problems we need to fix. There are a lot of systemic problems we need to fix in order to ensure that we continue to get the best care,” Jn Baptiste told reporters.

And he expressed sympathy to the woman who lost her baby, asserting that it was a considerable loss.

The Minister noted that there is a procedure when aggrieved individuals complain.

“It must be investigated, it must be followed and we must respect the due process and at the same time have empathy with those people who fall sick or who lose loved ones,” Jn Baptiste stated.

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  1. How many of these situations will we continue to have. Musa we all know that nothing will be done. Stop fooling the people over and over again. I feel for this lady, may god give her strength. She did the right thing, to let the whole world hear her story.

  2. Smh it is simple . Doctors must account for their wrong doings . Oh so now there is no more medical council again smh

  3. my lady dont back down for them look for your lawyer and sue ALL of them it has been done before it can happen again. You people at the hospitals are disgusting you can put lipstick on a pig but it will still be a pig most likely the nurses that didnt want to induce her used to work at victoria hospital and they carry all their bad habits and manners to okeu. its high time you damn nurses listen to patients when they talk to yall cause at the end of the day they are the ones feeling what is going on in their bodies and not you

  4. It’s amazing!!
    Tourism and foreign investors, are given priority over the nations *Health and Wellness, *Agriculture, *Education, *the Elderly, *Youth, *Social Security and *the Arts – all the necessities to great nation building!! (Not necessarily in that order – but …)

    What is happening in our health-care system should not be happening – not in this day and age. This is preposterous!!
    When will the Myopic Misfits open their eyes, brains and put their tongues in the proper elocution gear.

  5. Only when a loved one of those in authority suffers similar fate, then serious action would be desired to take place. A simple “accept my sympathy” or “sorry for your loss” cannot suffice. Justice must be sought to improve the people’s trust in the medical system.

  6. A full audit of pharmacies , hospitals , doctors and nurses needs to happen. By international auditors.

  7. Kenson its time to fix the Gros Islet highway. All the way to the Pigeon Island gap. All inside by MJI the road is deplorable.

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