Joachim Henry Says He Confronted Guy Joseph In Church

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Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate, Joachim Henry, has admitted to confronting the ruling party’s Guy Joseph during a service at the Forestierre SDA Church on Saturday.

Henry, whose son died recently, has accused Joseph of seeking to make political mileage from the tragedy.

Joseph is the incumbent MP for Castries South East.

But Henry is seeking to unseat him.

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The SLP candidate recalled that when his son died, he received messages of condolence from a number of people.

He told St Lucia Times they included politicians from both the ruling United Workers Party  and his own party.

According to Henry, Stephenson King visited his home while Gros Islet MP, Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute called.

And he said ’surprisingly’ he also received condolence messages from Guy Joseph via WhatsApp.

However, Henry said he discovered that the Castries South East MP would use the messages and the responses to indicate that the two men are friends.

“In the same vein, in telling the people we are friends, he would say lies about me,” Henry explained.

He said the lies date back to the last election.

“How could a man say ‘Accept my sympathy. How are you holding on?’  But then in the same place use the condolences, the only WhatsApp conversation you had with me to seduce people and tell lies about me on the same campaign trail? What friend mourns with you and tells lies about you?” He asked.

As a result, Henry recalled that he went to the SDA church to confront  Joseph.

“ I went, I looked at the door I said ‘I’m looking for Guy,” the former SLP Senator recalled.

Henry said the church service stopped.

“Since the service stopped, I asked him ‘Why? Why should he be doing this?’” Henry explained.

And Henry told St Lucia Times that no one should use the offer of condolences on the death of someone’s loved one to make political mileage.

“And that’s all I have to say on this. Thank you very much,” he said.

Several calls to Guy Joseph for a response went unanswered.

The Star Newspaper had reported earlier that SDA worshippers at their Forestierre church were shocked and panicked when a former SLP Senator and current party candidate disrupted the church service.

The publication quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the congregation came together and escorted the former senator out.

The story did not identify the individual by name.

But it said the police are investigating the incident.

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